Few days before an undecided final, it’s time to take a look to the chances to the three contenders for the title…

WALKER, the young gun The Brit has decidedly step up this year mixing speed and regularity. Leading the Championship since Argentina, the KTM rider seemed to be launched on the way to the World crown after two runner-up position (2011/2012). Unfortunately, his leg injury in Czech Republic last Saturday will maybe affect his performances in that final “lap” and his weak point lead over HAAKER couldn’t be enough.

HAAKER, the showman For his very first SuperEnduro season, Colton HAAKER is getting better and better with the GP’s and made a perfect operation in Czech Republic with a first Grand Prix victory that permits him to take advantage of the woes of his two rivals WALKER (injured) and WEBB (DNF in Heat 3). Back in the race for the title, the Californian combines talent, temperament and showmanship! And he is ideally ranked a point behind the injured WALKER and six ahead of WEBB. What if the Husqvarna rider steals the title to his rivals on that last corner?

WEBB, the gentleman Runner-up of Taddy BLAZUSIAK (PL – KTM) last season, the KTM us rider is mixing talent and experience. Despite three GP wins this year (Poland, Germany, Brazil), the other Californian lost the overall lead in Argentina (many crashes) and let a lot of points behind him in Czech Republic (Mechanical problems in Heat 3). But he seems to be the fastest one and mostly the steadiest and most constant one and he shows an awesome determination. Will he find the way to reduce the 7 points gap on WALKER and HAAKER?

Make your bet

WALKER: 25% HAAKER: 37% WEBB: 38%

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