It was barely 4.25 seconds between Jonny Walker and Wade Young – the fastest Red Bull 111 Megawatt qualifiers.

More than 900 riders tried their luck on the 16-minute motocross and the brutal enduro cross to qualify for Sunday’s race. From the first round of the race, with a brave attitude on difficult technical sections, Walker was at the top of the list of results. It is worth noting that in the first pass of the route enduro cross turned 3: 03,92 time, none of the other rivals did not go below 3:10. Second place went to Sherco Wade Young, who with the best time of 16: 10.04 was 4.25 seconds slower than Walker. “I was very fit today in the motocross race, my motorcycle is very fast so it was fun to go with a full fire. I hope to be able to move speed for tomorrow’s race, too, “said South Africa’s top scorer, who may be Britain’s biggest threat tomorrow. Benjamin Herrera from Chile on a TM motorbike completed the top three.

The highest ranked Pole in 19th place was Sherco Emil Juszczak. An additional motivation for the young rider will be the fact that his girlfriend, Dorota Dudzik, winner of the Polish Super Enduro Cup, will be in the race tomorrow. Getting to the finals is a double victory for Dorothy, since Megawatt had set up with Emil about whether or not she would be promoted. Dorothy will not be the only woman we will see tomorrow on the tour – in place of 471. German Lizzy Vogt is classified. On 26th place was Grzegorz Kargul, followed by Oskar Kaczmarczyk, followed by Dominik Olszowy and Maciek Więckowski. In the first row to the next race will be 17. Poles.

At the start of this year, Łukasz Kurowski will be out of action, who is struggling with the injury. “Qurak”, however, knows how the fight in Red Bull 111 Megawatt, so asked the favorites mentioned John Walker and Alfred Gomez. “I hope Graham Jarvis as an old veteran will also give gas. If the weather does not thwart plans and the lottery does not work, then I think it will be a good rivalry, “Lukasz said. The most successful hard enduro of recent years, Graham Jarvis has not yet won the Polish competition and today finished in 12th place.

In hard enduro everything is possible. Perhaps we will see a new winner, because the rate is full of new talents such as David Cyprian, who won the Expert class Beskid Hero. “Last year I managed to run a quarter of a lap, which was a pretty cool feeling. I count on a good start and prosecution. I hope to be able to fight old stewards and take the top ten, “said the young Czech. For some it will be the first ten, for others to finish one lap, but anyone taking the challenge of Red Bull 111 Megawatt deserves respect. Start on Sunday at 13:00

Photo Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

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