Wade Young wins the Wiesel-X for the second time

The 5th Wiesel-X in the Wiesel Arena between Frankenberg and Flöha can be a complete success. After months of preparation.

For many, it was incomprehensible in advance, how one can perform on a flat terrain a HardEnduro. Yesterday evening, the opinion of the active as well as the more than 1000 viewers were consistently positive. For the small club, however, it was still a mammoth task to get the event on the stage. Clubchief Dirk Rydzewski and Event Manager Denis Günther have made the best of the possibilities. The most difficult passages this time were named after the sponsors of the event. In the group races the decision was mostly in the Liquy Moly Stairs. Artificial steps with laid stones. In the Champion Race for the decision additional sections were integrated. There it was the Auto und Freizeit GmbH – Stone Uphill, which brought everyone to your limits. Prolog

First, the TeucherBau Prolog started. Each driver had a round on the Superenduro round. The results determined the group division. The best 10 riders then drove a Superenduro final. Moderated by Holger Dettmann and Mister HardEnduro Peter Schlüter. All the specialists in this field qualify for this exciting fight over 6 minutes plus 1 round. Mario Roman took an early lead and claimed the lead, with only 4 seconds behind Manuel Lettenbichler and Junior World Champion Blake Gutzeit. Mario Roman earn a pricemonay over 100 Euro prize money. Group Races

According to the results of the prologue, the drivers were divided into groups. Each group had 60 minutes to complete and the top 10 of each group entered the Champrace final. Mediaservice Enduro-Team-Wiesel e.V. www.enduro-team-wiesel.de

The first favorite was race in the first group. Manuel Lettenbichler took the lead at the start and built his lead on last year’s Winner Kevin Gallas. 3rd place in the first strong group was David Cyprian. From regional, Marcel Teucher was ranked 6th among the best-placed drivers. In the second group race Philipp Bertl and Junior Superenduro World Champion Blake Gutzeit took their rounds. Bertl made a good 1 minute lead after the 60 minutes. The most tense group race was the third. There were two favorites with Mario Roman and Wade Young. Both pulled their rounds together at the top and rounded the entire further field in this group. Wade Young won just before Sherco team colleague Mario Roman. Mediaservice Enduro-Team-Wiesel e.V. www.enduro-team-wiesel.de

ChampRace Final The Champ Race Final was raced over 8 laps. The first key place were 2 uphills at the beginning of the round. By some chrashes in the front field it jammed thereby. But at the same time it was a special spectacle for the fans. Manuel lettenbichler got the best of the first laps and built a small lead. However, the hour of Wade Young hit the race. He got more and more from his backstage and went past the South Germans after a small mistake of “Letti” in the DG Design – LostWay. Wade Young was able to win the Wiesel-X for the second time. Already the first issue of 2013 he could decide. Mario Roman also won the last place on the podium on a sherco.