VIDEO – INTERVIEW – Sherco Boys at ELITE MOTO 15 Kirian is back!

Partner for several years of Pierre Alexandre Renet, the dynamic team of Elite Moto has just signed another partnership (not least!) With advanced two Sherco riders. Jérémy Tarroux and the young Spanish Kirian Mirabe will therefore bear the colors of dealer Aurillacois this season.

In the presence of Didier Valade (boss of the Sherco Academy) and Grégory Monnier home Sherco, the two drivers are falls came to visit customers Elite Moto 15 last Friday.

sherco team Tarroux

Jeremy Tarroux, recent winner of the Race Basella in Spain will compete this year in the championship of France with 300 4tps in E2. You will also find in the classic which is next to Lorraine Val April 2. Jeremy should not engage in the world. Nevertheless, we should still be able to count on his presence between Cahors side of banners for the championship final of the World Enduro.

The young (21 years) Spanish Kirian Mirabet integrated with the Sherco Académy (5th World Junior 2015) has signed a 2 year contract with Sherco, it will align it in the league of France, world championship and three classics. The goal for the Spanish driver is going to conquer the title in Junior. He also will ride with 300 4tps in E2.

To mark the occasion of this partnership, Elite Motorcycle decided to conduct a Sherco “replica Jeremy Tarroux” which you can find below.

sherco 81 enduro

The official Sherco Kirian:

sherco Mirabet enduro