Track construction starts at the GetzenRodeo 2016

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Track construction goes ahead If the end of October (29.10.2016) again roaring engines in Getzenwald, fans and riders can look forward to some innovations again. The Getzenrodeo e.V. has been active for a few months to build up new, challenging sections. To the familiar entrance and exit ramps, new regions were opened in Getzenwald. Wrapped one must be on a crisp new driveway beside the grater, without start-up it is there uphill.


In addition to new parts of the track, there are also new regulations. For all drivers a mandatory pit stop is mandatory. This is located at the bottom of the site, the access roads to the otherwise only GetzenChamp driven section “stovepipe” occurs.


“We hope to put this amendment a new spectacular exclamation mark in the race. Everyone will be eager to know when the first driver drives on the section. Since he was otherwise intended for the best driver in GetzenChamp, the pilots in GetzenRace distance will now again be a particular challenge within the 2 hours. “Portrays Falko Haase his idea for this new section.


It takes over the race distance of 2 hours in GetzenRace, of which the best 10 riders then move into GetzenChamp. These 12 riders will ride around the bulging prize money.