Sibiu, Romania, July 14th, 2016 – Yesterday`s “Brexit”, the drop-out of Walker (GBR), Bolton (GBR) and Hemingway (GBR), left a gap in the dominating Brit-force of Extreme Enduro riders. Red Bull Romaniacs newcomer Billy Bolt (GBR), still shaken up by his first excursion into the Romanian wilderness, was not able to fill in. He showed some seriously fast riding but could not keep up with the top guns. Graham Jarvis (GBR) stepped up to the challenge. Having kept a low profile during the prologue and Offroad Day 1, he switched to combat mode this morning and took off 4th after Young, Gomez and Teasdale. Jarvis soon caught up with Young and passed him in “Bermuda Triangle”, moving on to “Viagra falls” where he started to gain serious time. He dominated the race throughout the day and finished with more than 15 minutes lead over the runner-ups. Jarvis: “I enjoyed today a lot more than yesterday, it was more my type of riding with some really gnarly bits and some flowing tracks as well. I managed to catch some time up, it’s all about trying to get vital seconds now, trying to claw something up. Hopefully the same again tomorrow.  I’ll be starting off first, it seems whoever gets off first gets caught, so I have to make sure that no one catches me”

Photo: Graham Jarvis/ Photo Credit: Yana Stancheva


Wade Young, yesterday`s winner, came blazing out of the gates first at 06.30am. He had a good pace through the first section “X-files”, but was passed by Jarvis and Gomez in the “Bermuda Triangle”. In “Viagra falls” Young seemed to have lost his drive and started to slow down. It was at the Service Point, that Young reported clutch problems. He was able to get back in the game and joined Gomez for a high speed chase after Jarvis for the rest of the day. He finished 3rd, before Gomez and kept his 3rd position in the overall ranking of the race. Wade Young: “Half way through this morning I lost my clutch, it’s frustrating when you want to go but can`t. I really did lose a lot of time, it’s gonna be hard to catch up but I’m gonna try”.

Photo: Wade Young / Photo Credit: Olivia Till


Alfredo Gomez rode fast during the day but had lost precious time in a series of crashes and by collecting firewood! Gomez: “It was a tough day for me today. I got a log stuck in my front wheel in the morning and then a big one in my rear wheel in the afternoon, I also crashed a few times, I just made too many mistakes” Gomez finished 4th for the day and had to give up his overall lead of the race to Jarvis.

Photo: Alfredo Gomez / Photo Credit: Olivia Till

gomez 1

Red Bull Romaniacs rookie Mario Roman was hot on the heels of Gomez and Young throughout the day. He kept chasing them and applied plenty of pressure from behind, sometimes even passing the top-dogs. Serrano: “I am really happy I overtook a lot of riders like Graham, Alfredo and Wade.  I’m improving everyday with my GPS and navigation, it’s my first time at RBR and I already made 2nd finish on day 2. I hope to keep improving like today, I’m not looking at overall results just aim to make progress everyday. Yesterday was longer and today was more difficult but a lot of fun, I enjoyed it more”

Photo: Marrion Roman / Photo Credit: Yana Stancheva


In the Silver class, Andy Noakley (GBR) seems to not have partied too hard for his birthday yesterday and continued to deliver a convincing performance on the track. Like Jarvis, he finished the day with a dominating 15 minute lead over his runner up, extending his overall lead in the race to about 20 minutes. Angus Macdonald (NZL) scored a 2nd place, followed by Hamish Macdonald (NZL) in 3rd. The McDonald brothers seem to be pushing hard in an attempt to put the Kiwi’s at the top of the Silver class again. Romania’s Alexandru Dumitrescu showed that being a local can pay off pulling up to the finish in 5th place.


The Bronze class riders were sent out on another adventure today, only to be relieved that the riding was not going to be any harder than yesterday. Offroad Day 1 had firmly kicked riders into “Red Bull Romaniacs mode” and today’s track gave everyone a chance to find their flow. There were plenty of long uphills allowing “wide-open” riding and pushing past other riders. As usual, endurance was a key factor and the hardest challenge for many of the Bronze and Iron class riders. Bronze rider Lorenzo Quinn (ITA) commented “One of the highlights of racing in the Red Bull Romaniacs is the opportunity to ride alongside the top pro’s, I was passed at one point by Graham Jarvis, Wade Young and Alfredo Gomez, who casually waved and shouted hello as they blasted past me! There isn’t any other sport you get this opportunity”. Quinn is thrilled with his placing in the top third of the Bronze class.


The race track, designed under the supervision of track directors Klaus Sorensen (DNK) and Teo Isac (ROU), lived up to the expectations of all classes. For the Gold class, it certainly qualified for the superlative “Toughest Red Bull Romaniacs day ever” – with 130km of extreme terrain to cross in an estimated 6-10 hours. The track was laid out in the region around Sibiu and visited the local ski resort “Arena Platos Paltinis” in the Cindrel mountains (Service Point).

Tomorrow, the Gold class is getting another wake-up call right after the start with a steep hill climb – but flowy riding after, until they reach the classic 10A section. After that, things stay gnarly with “Black slope”, “English farmer” and the new “CDI”. Once those are mastered, there will be slightly less extreme sections for the rest of the day. The Silver class is facing conditions similar to today. The highlight will be the monster uphill called “The beast” (1000 altitude meters). The Bronze and Iron class riders will find themselves in “single-trail heaven”! All classes will share some parts of the track, the lower classes will again be able to admire the top guns flying by!

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