The 2016 French Enduro Championship started at Saint-Palais.

This second day of racing in Saint-Palais will be put to the test the response capabilities of volunteers Moto-Club 2 Gaves. He harder last night and the course had to undergo some adjustments during the first round to allow for rolling in optimal safety conditions. Balance sheet, faultlessly for a Basque race that has kept all its promises.

A performance hailed by Jacques Bolle, president of the French Motorcycling Federation, came to St. Palais congratulate all contributed to this success, and more broadly the success of the French enduro.

Among the banners, the situation was different today. The pilots faced a slippery early in the day and deep ruts. A situation that allows some reshuffling the cards. In E1, victory is signed Julien Gauthier, despite the domination of Marc Bourgeois, who gets one minute penalty and sees off the podium.Mathias Bellino takes first place in the E2 class, and Jeremy Joly took the double by winning again today in E3. Ditto for Kirian Mirabet who won the Junior category.



E1 class was very turbulent today. In the first round, Romain Boucardey (Yamaha – Ridercamp) which surprised everyone by taking the lead of the race, leaving the usual distance leaders. Unfortunately, a big crash at the start of the second round will be right in his ambitions.

It leaves almost a minute and tumbles in the rankings.

It leaves the way open for a Marc Bourgeois (Yamaha) after his revenge against-performance yesterday.The Yamaha rider seems to have regained his usual pace and dominated pretty much the last 2 laps.However, a late score earned him a minute penalty which relegated him to 5th place.

This is the Auvergne Julien Gauthier (B2R Yamaha) who benefits and wins again today. A victory that might have escaped him as he was put under pressure by the TM Racing driver, Theo Bolley, who took second place 2 seconds of it. The Southern marked the spirits, we did not expect so quickly at that position in this category it discovers. He made the choice to skip his last opportunity to do a season in Junior to align faster Elite and tonight proves he was right.

Revenue hard after his fall, Romain Boucardey pass Nico Deparrois (Atomic Moto) in the final lap and up on the 3rd step of the podium.

E1 championship standings

– 1 / Julien Gauthier – 40 Pts

– 2 / Romain Boucardey – 30 Pts

– 3 / Theo Bolley – 28 Pts


3rd yesterday driver at Husqvarna Mathias Bellino was leaving this morning the knife between the teeth.He dug the outset therefore a gap of more than 6 seconds with its adversaries. It will then grow that capital this time to win 20 seconds ahead of the runner of the day, Jeremy Tarroux (Sherco). Loic Larrieu (Yamaha-Outsiders) was less at ease today. He took 3rd place but retains the provisional lead on equal points with Bellino.

Tarroux is only 1 point behind, as saying that the counters will be reset for the second race of the championship, which already promises a breathless suspense.

E2 championship standings

– 1 / Mathias Bellino – 35 Pts

– 2 / Loïc Larrieu – 35 Pts

– 3 / Jeremy Tarroux – 34 Pts

-category E3:

In E3, Jeremy Joly has obviously found taste for victory. After a difficult season, out of the shadows, KTM offers a doubled fine and took the lead in the category of big cars. The table is ideal for him. But be careful, you know that Antoine Basset (KTM) will not make him present. It takes the second place today.It has never been able to wear assaults on Joly, but the Ardèche showed in early season he was able to excel, we can expect very beautiful sleeves for E3 trials ahead. Especially that another driver is able to come and join the battle.

Third today, Romain Dumontier (Yamaha-Dumontier Racing) is progressing with every race. He gains confidence and is approaching more and more leaders. For proof its rise in the last lap within a second of Basset. The interim, these two drivers share the second place.

E3 championship standings

– 1 / Jeremy Joly – 40 Pts

– 2 / Antoine Basset – 32 Pts

– 2 / Tied Romain Dumontier – 32 Pts

-category JUNIOR:

In less than 23 years, the Spanish Kirian Mirabet (Sherco Academy) signs a beautiful doubled and becomes the driver to beat in this category.

Behind him, there was a game of musical chairs in favor, at first, Jeremy Mirror (Husqvarna) who was very pressing Mirabet and land military pilots and David Anthony Geslin abgrall. It is ultimately the Basque pilot Anthony Geslin that best pulls out of the game and took second place tonight.

David Abrall, priced superb lap in the final stage, past Jérémy mirror only half a second. It is the third.

Junior championship ranking

– 1 / Kirian Mirabet – 40 Pts

– 2 / Anthony Geslin – 34 Pts

– 3 / David Abrall -30 Pts

-category WOMEN:

The side of women, the race was decided in the very last stage. Juliette Berrez (Yamaha) was then leading with more than 10 seconds. The long special line was a true justice and this is Audrey Rossat (KTM) who is in the best output. She won the day with 12 seconds ahead of Berrez. Justine Martel (Moto Club Lozérien) rises again on the podium, it ranks 3rd.

women’s championship standings

– 1 / Audrey Rossat – 37 Pts

– 1ex-aequo / Juliette Berrez – 37 Pts

– 2 / Justine Martel – 30 Pts

-category BUILDER:

Sherco is back today. Thanks to the good results of Jérémy Tarroux (second E2) and Kirian Mirabet (Junior Winner) the French brand won for the second consecutive time the builder category. They are ideally positioned in the title race with 12 points ahead of their pursuers.

Manufacturer Championship standings

– 1 / SHERCO – 71 Pts

– 2 / HUSQVARNA – 59 Pts

– 3 / YAMAHA – 59 Pts


Loïc Larrieu consolidating its leadership to head the trophy Elite Moraco. If it only takes 3rd place in the E2, he was the top performer in the delicate exercise of the special online. Jeremy Joly and Mathias Bellino complete the ranking.

-Classification MORACO Trophy Elite:

-1 / Loïc Larrieu – 40 Pts

-2 / Jeremy Joly (KTM) – 32 Pts

– 3 / Mathias Bellino – 28 Pts

It was hard to imagine a better start to the Championship De France 24MX 2016. All categories were contested, the organization of the event was exemplary and the Basque hospitality of rare generosity.The handlebars are now deflected to the second round to be held on 28 and 29 May next in Chemillé-sur-Indrois (37)