This event started 10 years ago as an Enduro Adventure organised by a small group friends on the Mountain Pindos high altitude Enduro tracks and paths. Due to the authentic hard Enduro characteristics it had, it grew up quickly and consistently year by year and during September 2013 participation reached the outstanding number of 500 riders, including mainly Greek as well as few European ones. On a single day the track used (mainly paths) is completely different, and the length is usually around 100 km (totally 200 km for both days), with Pro and Hobby track choices depending on the level of each rider. The more skilled ones were following the Pro passes while the less competitive ones were choosing the Hobby. At the moment it is not a race but an enjoyable eduro event, however we have thoughts of transforming it to a race in the future.


Both Days started at 10am with mainly Greek as well as few European riders also, The riders are allowed to set off either in single or teams at their own pace and have up to 11.30am to start the event after this time the start line is closed. The riders head into the mountains along single trails and start there climb up through some of the best riding terrain we have seen across Europe choosing to take the hobby route or the more difficult pro route with some gnarly hill climbs river beds, ridge sides climbing there way up to the tops of the high mountains of Pindos where the scenery is breathtaking. The entire track is marked with arrows pointing the riders to either the hobby or pro route and no navigation equipment was necessary.


support & sweep crews were sent out to sweep the entire track to get everyone back at home base. Every rider returned safe and sound after the event. Riders left both days at 10am and returned around 4pm to 5pm in time for great food and music in the riders village where they shared their stories from the day’s experience.


Also, the attendance of foreign riders like the 6-time World Champion Gio Sala, the participation of WEC Professional team of InaTVRacing (voted as the top WEC Team for 2013), and various Greek Based dealers of ΚΤΜ, Husaberg, GASGAS, Beta Racing, Husqvarna, Honda etc., gave a great boost to the event.


Our main aim is to expand this event and in near future, reach the World Class level of Extreme Enduro. We believe that we can organize a race of high standards for top riders and teams in one of the world’s best enduro area with huge network of virgin paths for all levels of skill.

This year also seen test ride of new KTM and Husqvarna 2017 bikes was offered by Southeast Europe KTM official dealer.

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Enduromania Team members are organising guided tours at the area around Kalambaka and at the area where Enduromania paths exist. Information can be found at banner of Meteora Enduro tours