Taddy Blazusiak wins the Bassella Extreme Race

Great second day of Bassella with mud and rain as protagonists. The KTM rider Taddy Blazusiak has emerged victorious from the Xtreme category after traveling the 70 km with 8 specific detours for them with extreme zones. He has been closely followed by his teammate Jonny Walker and Alfredo Gómez (Husqvarna), who has made a very good first lap but the mud accumulated in the glasses and made the second pass difficult.

In the Enduro category, the great dominator in the entire 58km lap was local driver Jaume Betriu (KTM), who saw his victory slip away in the final tire area where he was stuck and Cristóbal Guerrero (Yamaha) last arriving thus in the first position. After this spectacular enduro race, Víctor Guerrero (Yamaha) has reached the finish line in the third position. In Enduro Junior, Markos Beraza (KTM) has been awarded the victory ahead of Marc Sans (KTM) and Carles Quer (Husqvarna) second and third respectively.

As is already a tradition, the most spectacular moment of the day has been lived with the massive departure of almost 500 Friends, who have left some of the most impressive images, especially at the end of the straight and the rise of the Red Bull arch. The fastest was Miquel García (GasGas), completing the return to the 66km course in less than two hours. Garcia has also been proclaimed the winner of the Road to Merzouga and David Gómez (Husqvarna) has won the Michelin Challenge. This year there have been many friends who have won awards thanks to the different subcategories. In Amigos 30, Marc Calmet (KTM) has been the winner, Miquel García has been in Amigos 40, Krause Wolfgang (KTM) in Amigos 50 and Joan Miquel Moreno (KTM) in Amigos 50. The category of Amigos Féminas has been led Maria Giró (Montesa-4Ride). Finally, Marc Balcells (Honda) was the first in Friends Sandraiders.

This closes the edition with more participation of Bassella Race, which has had almost 1500 pilots and many new features at the level of categories and extreme travel. Numerous spectators have passed through the venue throughout the weekend and have lived live one of the benchmarks of the off-road world.xtreme_puntos