SuperEnduro | Haaker the overall winner of the German SEWC

In the SEWC class soon it looked like Haaker will do the Hattrick in Riesa, as he led the third race. But in the end it became tight when the charging Alfredo Gomez came short over the line by less than a second. Gomez on his side had an even harder charging Walker in the back who had made a mistake in the middle of the race. Then the Brit was running out of time, pushed as hard as he could and this got the top 3 close together. With the experience of a reigning champion, Haaker didn’t make any mistake and remained unbeatened in Germany. The fact that Walker couldn’t pass Gomez till the checkered flag also meant that he lost second place in the German GP over the Spaniard. Mario Roman and Pascal Rauchenecker were rounding out the top 5.

South African Blake Gutzeit crowns himself to the overall winner of the German JEWC round with another smooth and solid race win. Czech David Cyprian came home in second for third overall. Ignacio Fernandez finished second overall with 2-13-3 finishes.

Race Report: Peter Reitbauer / Enduro Live Media Photos: Irina Gorodniakova / Enduro Live Media