There were mixed emotions following this weekend’s events at Helmsley but the general theme was “it was tough”. Some relished the challenge whilst others felt the toughness didn’t match everyone’s ability. Sadly, the weather was against the organisers from the off. Steve Holcombe was true to his word and kicked off the season with a double win! Winning the first and second tests then taking care of the third test to take round one. Round two was very much the same, Steve said “I focused and rode what was in front of me”, and staying within his comfort zone. Steve feels all his hard work has really shown this weekend and he couldn’t ask for more from the opening rounds. At the end of the opening two rounds Brad Freeman sits in second place after returning from a lengthy layoff due to injury last year, whilst in third place is Jamie Lewis after the opening rounds. Josh Gotts felt his hard training over the winter had paid off and was delighted with his results in round 1 pulling 3rd. Unfortunately, during round 2 after hitting some undergrowth, unbeknown to Josh a radiator hose had split resulting in his bike losing water and causing the bike to seize in the second special test of the day. Despite missing the rest of the day he is looking forward to the next round. In the Ladies class Glesni Jones leads the way after the first two rounds. Ladies riders Ellie Cooke and Rosie Rowett described the event as very tough and challenging with round one being the toughest of the two due to the bad weather. Round two was more successful as the track had started to dry up, giving the girls chance to stand on their pegs. Over the weekend the girls worked as a team as they battled through the course, helping each other to make sure they both got through the rounds which made the whole experience more enjoyable for them and is sure to be one event the girls will never forget. Provisional Overall results after Round 1 & 2

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Championship Expert Clubman Ladies Sportsman 1 Steve Holcombe 1 Thomas Ellwood 1 James Jackson 1 Glesni Jones 1 Ben Linklater 2 Brad Freeman 2 Richard Ely 2 Jack Ditchfield 2 Rosie Rowett 2 Paul Metcalfe 3 Jamie Lewis 3 Lee Sampson 3 Fred Adams 3 Ellie Cook 3 Simon Walker 4 Jack Edmonson 4 Jack Pentaligon 4 Allyn Taylor 4 Kate Smith 4 Henry Walker

Over 40 Over 50 1 Russell Millward 1 Mark Houson 2 Karl Greenall 2 Philip George 3 Dave Nellis 3 Robert Murfin 4 Paul Davies 4 Stephen Askin

We now have a short break before round 3 and 4. On the 28th and 29th of May. The ACU British Enduro Championship will be held by Dirt Bike Action Ltd in Graythwaite, surrounded by the stunning views of the Lake District this event is not one to miss.

2016 ACU British Enduro Championship

5th and 6th March – Dirt Bike Action Ltd – Yorkshire Two Day Enduro 28th and 29th May – Dirt Bike Action Ltd – Graythwaite 6th and 7th August – Southern MCC (IOM) – Carnagrie 27th and 28th August – Rhayader Club – Rhayader Enduro 17th and 18th September – Team Reme – Natterjack 20th November – Diss MCC Ltd – Muntjac

2015 ACU British Enduro Champions

ACU British Enduro Champion – Jamie McCanney ACU British Enduro Under 23 Champion– Jamie McCanney ACU British Enduro Expert Champion– Jacob Subachus ACU British Enduro Clubman Champion – Daniel Champion ACU British Enduro Over 40’s Champion– Jamie Jenkins ACU British Enduro Over 50’s Champion– Gavin Johnston ACU British Enduro Women’s Champion – Rhian George

Report and Images by Nicky Morson

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