STEVE HOLCOMBE the new star EnduroGP

The efforts of the organizing team have paid … Just finished the test on Saturday that it began to work tirelessly to change the route became impassable in some places due to heavy rains in recent weeks. With a shortened Maxxis Cross Test, Enduro refurbished but still selective Test, and Xtreme attractive Technomousse Test, day two of the Grand Prix Polisport of Portugal has held all its promises in the small city of Gouveia .

The show was at the appointment and spectators flocked by the thousands and were delighted to “full throttle” passages in the sloughs of the stars of the World Enduro … ” It was a great day of racing and although the connection was reduced to its simplest, the stages were very passable and nothing was impossible , “told us the” unfortunate ” Johnny AUBERT (F – Beta) who finished far enough (9th in E3) despite a fine start to the race and after a heavy fall (strong elbow pain) in the Cross Test of the second round …

If Johnny Aubert was quickly removed from the race to victory in EnduroGP , the battle raged as usual ahead of the races where the rain succeeded the clouds. With 5 different winners of special, the EnduroGP was exciting again … HOLCOMBE (GB – Beta) ,Phillips (AUS) , Remes (SF -TM) , Watson (GB – KTM) imprinted a torrid pace in the race while a Mathias BELLINO (F – Husqvarna) bad days, was rejected out of hand away from the fight for the lead ” I have made many mistakes and I often dropped in this area that I do not appreciate “the point of care to an inglorious mid 14th race site before recovering somewhat to finally finish 9th.Unquestionably one day “without” do not forgive in EnduroGP both contenders for titles and podiums are numerous and are held in a handkerchief. But it was the incredible Steve HOLCOMBE who was the more regular and swifter on the three laps of the course and thus claimed his first victory in EnduroGP ! At the risk of repeating ourselves, the young Briton Plymouth (22 next month) is undoubtedly the revelation of the season and endlessly seduced by his talent, his simplicity and his smile … ” Yes I enjoyed this test and I do not still expect to be as well placed early in the season. My goal was and is E3 but may be will I also eyeing the title EnduroGP side “!


First podium for WATSON

Already remarkable in Morocco (4/4) HOLCOMBE is needed for a little more than 5 seconds on Eero Remes , always very talkative and decidedly comfortable on Sunday! Other surprises of this second day are still Anglo-Saxon with the first podium EnduroGP the “big blond” Nathan WATSON (KTM) that one yet said whether “left” on the soft ground. He tears a superb podium teammate Taylor Robert (USA – KTM) who fought like a lion all day ” I had never seen so much water in my life and finish fourth in such conditions fills me of joy ! In addition I won the E2! Category “admitted the official KTM who usually resides in Arizona.  Matthew Phillips has also fought well throughout the day and conquered the audience during his visits in special handle in the corner” I did not have the right feeling just now and I could not raise their heads to see the good lines, but I am still leading the championship and that’s the main thing! “Ranked 5th despite a fine final rush, the protégé of Fabrizio AZZALIN even strengthens its position leading the Championship advantage of the small day BELLINO . But HOLCOMBE is already in ambush (2nd tied with BELLINO ) the provisional and only 5 points PHILLIPS !

If the big 4 strokes have suffered somewhat on the muddy terrain, small E1 valve engines have spent a beautiful day with immediate confirmation E1 of Eero Remes who will nevertheless reckon with Nathan WATSON   2nd before the brothers McCanney !


But the other big news of the weekend is the first GP win of an American pilot. If the late Kurt CASELLI (USA – KTM)SCORA several podiums in the last few seasons, he never caught the top step of the podium. This “vacuum” in the history of the World Enduro is finally filled by Taylor ROBERT superb winner in E2, and also gives a smile to the clan KTM Fabio FARIOLI . He beat Matthew Phillips , Alex SALVINI (I – Beta) and Loïc Larrieu (F – Yamaha) which progresses to each output.

E3, HOLCOMBE kills two birds facing a determined MONNI Manuel (I – TM) and Antoine BASSET (F – KTM) slightly less verve than yesterday!

Giacomo REDONDI (I – Honda Motorcycle Red) is the strong man of the Juniors category and was never bothered any more today, which is after the abandonment of Josep Garcia (E – Husqvarna) with mechanical problems. And like yesterday, Diogo Ventura (P – Gas Gas) pushed by the Portuguese fans on the podium with a fine second position accompanied by the Swedish Albin ELOWSON (Husqvarna) who finally getting good potential. Scandinavia have also been comfortable in the Juniors since the neophyte Henrik Stigell (SF – TM) also shines (4th)

Scandinavians still FIM Youth Cup 125cc since Joakim Johansson up his two foals on the highest steps of the podium with Erik Appelqvist (S – Yamaha) won and Lee SEALEY (GB – YAMAHA) against the current leader of the category, French Jean Baptiste NICOLOT (Yamaha) .

The Morocco tour / Portugal accordingly closes tonight at Gouveia and offered two Grands Prix with very different faces! A page is turned in the drivers hierarchy with the final advent of PHILLIPS , HOLCOMBE , BELLINO , WATSON , TAYLOR and others in top rankings. The winds of renewal and youth breath now on the World Enduro and EnduroGP is definitely very well born! The next appointment in Greece (Grevena on 21 and 22 May) is already eagerly awaited …