Shercos Mario Roman wins AvandaRocks 2017 ahead of Didier Goirand who came in second and Homero Diaz third. Knighter out due to bike trouble on day 2

“David Knight” Well that was disastrous, you couldn’t even make it up. Yesterday there was problems with farmers and some of us got stopped from going on our route by them so diverted. After that I had a great day and track was mint and using the GPS was such good fun, I got to the front and came in first but results were scrapped as all sorts of problems. Today again starting 3rd I got to the front but then my GPS packed in and kept going off, then I clipped a cow at high speed which ran across in front of me, but caught up to Mario so rode with him who was a minute behind me on corrected time. Then we came across many closed gates and barbed wire fences so we lost lots of time waiting with allowed the later guys to catch up. I got gps working and cracked on but then bike started to keep loading up and oiled a plug. Changed that and still running bad, fell of a 40 foot drop when bike oiled again n fell straight down through bushes and trees with a ktm landing on me. Hurt arm but got bike sorted again a dragged it out n lost half n hour. So decided to just get to the finish. Arrived at a big rock on a hill n had 3 attempts but no chance, bike would hardly pull up hill so that was that, game over unfortunately. I’m guessing reeds have broken. So disappointed, I felt I was heading for a win but yet again shit happens! Oh then riding back to the shop and a car was on wrong side of the road, locked up n headed for me so I rode into the ditch n ended up on my arse with bike jammed in front of the car.


Photo Credits Jose Duch