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The greatest hard enduro competition in Serbia, Xross collision took place from 10 to 12 June at Tara, and it was attended by more than 200 engine drivers who came from virtually all over the world. During the three days they mastered disordered and wild areas of raw mountain beauty, and the whole race was further complicated (not) the time because they are constantly alternating rain and sun.


The first day was reserved for the hell of Prolog, which is further aggravated by the rain that kept falling. On the second day, the drivers get to grips with the route 90 kilometers long for the class A and class B, or 150 kilometers for heavy and super heavy class. Gorges, rocky terrain, extreme uphill and very steep downhill, mud and water are just some of the obstacles that test the speed, agility and endurance athletes. Third, and final day waiting for them with a shorter route, only 30 kilometers, or incredibly difficult. Before them were overflowing streams, canyons, steep downhill and uphill along which are supposed to climb on the engine, or pushing the motor, which is often the case. Drivers are given the last atoms of strength and move the limits of his endurance in this competition with nature. Although umroni and muddy, the goal arrived with a smile on his face.


Filip Bertl ‘s name to be well remembered because his time is coming . The Austrian has 25 years and although his motorbike in the blood and the engine of his early childhood in hard enduro world only since 2013. This resourceful young man coping with all the obstacles and it would be big steps towards a world stomping hard enduro top , as evidenced by the fact that both the Prologue, and during the remaining two days of competition at Tara was by far the first. – First time in Serbia and therefore for this race and I am very happy because of the victory. All three days were very good, Prolog was excellent had sections with boulders and stones, and then the one slope which was really great. On the second day of the competition I was a little bit harder because I went first, so I did not have a clue to follow, but I managed to be the fastest, and the motor is well served by me. On the last day I was more relaxed because I had the advantage of a few minutes, but that does not mean it was easy. The route of the Tara is very interesting because it has all the elements of hard endura, there were heavy lines, rivers and streams, uphill, downhill, everything that one such race to be. I come next year and I will certainly cause some drivers from Austria – said the new Xross champion.


Crowd favorite , New Zealander Chris Birch finished in second place, but was satisfied with her performance and enthusiastic beauty Tara. – It was quite difficult, many small rivers and slippery boulder hidden in the grass, which is why I fell many times. I am satisfied with second place, it is a bit more power in order to beat Berto, but I was not ready. I’m very good fun, Tara is a beautiful, several times during the ride I wanted to stop and enjoy the view, but I had to extend further. The organization was excellent, the trails are so well marked that long not seen such a good route markings. I hope to come next year – said Birch.


Last year’s winner Miha Spindler finished the race in third place and believes that this year Tara was challenging, and competition increases. – I’m satisfied with third place. The course was great, was not too heavy. The biggest problem was the second day of the length of 90 kilometers, we were pretty tired, but the last day was dark. On that final day I was the hardest Mihin stream, which is named after me because I’m the only one passed last year. Last time it was dry and it was easier, but now swelled due to rain so I had to stick my motor All units praise the organizers, we will come next year – said Spindler.

Ben Hemingway , the driver from England, who is also the first time the Xross race was fourth, but it is his modesty that left the biggest impression on the fans, and the organizers of the race. –  It was not so wet and wet as I thought it would be since it was raining. It is clear that I need to be faster, but regardless of the placement I had a great time and I would like to thank the organizers and the audience. The course was excellent, with a lot of technical details that I love to drive, I’m rivers, rocks and other prpereke were not a problem because I drove a long trial. The problem is we were fast sections where I had to keep pace with the other guys. I must commend the organization magnificent marked trails, because even though I was first on the mountain have never once strayed – said Hemingway.


This third edition Xross turf and justify the expectations of the organizers. –  We organized the race at the world level on our mountain, as confirmed by the distinguished names with their comments and general situation and complete their impression. Hard Enduro in Serbia definitely has a future but requires the support of all institutions and sponsors, which have until now been with us. Have evolved and our drivers, when I look at the first race in Kopaonik, and this third in a row on Tara, it did not seem the same event. Drivers have better skills, better their engines, better known equipment, and this year before the race we had a school with Chris recreation facility which is further contributed to their willingness. I think that this race is the real deal, and we will consider how all this will look like next year – said Nikola Belic , one of the organizers Xross race.



Class A:

  1. Filip Bertl (AUS) – 3:33:27

  2. Chris Birch (NZL) – 3:40:35

  3. Miha Spindler (SLO) –  3:46:45

 Class B:

  1. Thomas Zupan (SLO) – 3:09:01

  2. Janez Jelenc (SLO) – 3:13:00

  3. Aleksandar Maric (SRB) – 3:14:32



  1. Dišković Milos (SRB) 24: 42.62

  2. Nikola Kolev (SRB) 27: 14.45

  3. Dean Blaževski (MKD) 27: 22.6

Super Heavy:

  1. Dane Medic (SRB) – 27: 25.75

  2. Milos Knezevic (SRB) – 29: 07.98

  3. Matejić Milan (SRB) – 30: 30.54

Text: Marija Joksimovic / Xross Team Photo: Predrag Vuckovic – Extreme Photographer Mihai & STETCA

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