The WULFSPORT winter Enduro series for solo’s had round 2 take place last Sunday on a fantastic 7.5 mile per lap track that offered the riders a “real” Enduro course to tackle and some cold but bright and beautiful winter weather thrown in for good measure. WOR Events are masters of putting on quality events and their experience of Winter in the woods in Wales showed through as a very well planned and thought out course stood up to the racing and with a decent line up riders good to go the clubs superb Bala Woodland forestry venue.


It was straight 2 Hour sprint Hare Scramble for this round of the series (All the rounds this winter offering the riders a different type of event) , Simply the rider that completed the most laps in the time allowed would be deemed the winner. That Rider was Ross Davies, The 2016 Putoline Hare Scramble Champion led from the start with a very smooth and fast riding performance as he hopped, skipped and jumped his way around the track 7 times in the time allowed. The 250 2t Husqvarna sounding lovely and crisp as Davies fired it up some of the long and technical climbs in the forest. Runner Up in the Experts was Jian Sivori on his KTM completing 7 circuits in the 2 hours. Nathan Rogers was in great form too as he completed the race with a strong 3rd place overall as well as topping the Clubman class. There really was a battle royal going on behind Nathan as the other top 4 where never far apart and they were going for it along the demanding course. Eventually taking a well earned Runners Up spot in class was Robert Francom, albeit 2 minutes down on Rogers. Francom must be one of the most improved riders in the last 12 months at WOR and even after a start line crash which dumped him to last place, the young Wirral Rider was back in second spot after just one lap and managed to hold that for the remainder of the race. Chasing down Rob’s 300 2t Husqvarna and securing a really well earned 3rd spot was Rob Myatt on his KTM, One minute exactly being his disadvantage over Francom.


Justin Jones put 5 minutes in-between himself and Vets A Runner Up, Jeremy Mold with both riders on 6 laps. Lyndun Connor and Anthony Mcphelim managed 5 a piece to be second and 3rd placed respectively in the Vet B’s.

Andrew Maben was a very convincing winner of the Over 50 class as he matched the Experts and Top Clubman on 7 laps with Stephen Parry taking the silver spot on 6 laps. 3rd Over 50 was Richard Lewis whom was 5 minutes down on Parry.

Leon Dean battled long and hard swapping places with a few riders throughout the race to eventually finish top Sportsman. Connor Bolsover and Ben Sayer where really close too and with all top 3 riders in class on 7 laps it was finish order as it states with great racing being a massive part of that classes action.

Gareth Davenport was in fast form on his Husky 125 to top the Youth group from Young Hayden Rainford, whom once again impressed the organisers enough on his little 85 to take the rider of the day award.

Finally It was Liam Hickey that topped the Novices from Jake Sheppard and Tony Rainford. Hickey on 6 laps with Sheppard and Rainford on 5 each.


The event ran smoothly with all of the riders crossing the line at the end of the race with big smiles and a real sense of achievement by seeing the chequered flag. Some riders took the chance of not refuelling for the 2 hr race but it back fired as they ran out of fuel and had to be rescued from the course by the hard working WOR track team, A lesson learned there that in most 2 hr Hare Scrambles , a splash of go go juice is always a good idea to see the event through.

The usual huge thank you from the WOR Events org goes out to all involved with the event from the medics and caterers through to the Staff and sponsors, landowners and photographers but most importantly the riders for supporting the events and making them happen.


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Report: K. Williams