Red Bull Sea to Sky 2017 Three days of pure racing action

September 27, 2017 – Sibiu (Romania), Kemer and Istanbul (Turkey)

Red Bull Turkey, the Kemer Enduro Club and XVENTURE are excited to announce that the 8th edition of Red Bull Sea to Sky will take place on September 28-30, 2017, in Kemer, Turkey. International top riders such as Jonny Walker, Graham Jarvis and Alfredo Gomez will come to the Turkish Riviera to compete at the “most enjoyable Extreme Enduro race”.

The Red Bull Sea to Sky concept is unique: The combination of racing Extreme Enduro at the highest international standards, three days of racing action in a stunning landscape with three different racing styles and a track that takes the riders literally from Sea to Sky – from the beach to the peak of the Olympos Mountain at an altitude of 2,365m – will once again make the world’s best professional riders as well as the ambitioned amateurs come out to Kemer. All international top guns will battle for victory at Red Bull Sea to Sky 2017 199 riders from 23 nations including Australia, Israel and Iceland have done the registration and among those you will find the biggest names in the sport of Extreme Enduro: Red Bull Sea to Sky 2016 winner Lars Enöckl (AUT, KTM), Graham Jarvis (UK, Husqvarna), Jonny Walker (UK, KTM), Erzbergrodeo 2017 winner Alfredo Gomez (ESP, KTM), Manuel Roman Serrano (ESP, Sherco), Billy Bolt (UK, Husqvarna), Paul Bolton (UK, KTM) and Wade Young (RSA, Sherco) to mention a few.

Edition 8 with new tracks

Three days of pure racing action: 3 races – 3 styles – 3 days

The Kemer Enduro Club team around Semih Özdemir starts working on the tracks for the next edition immediately right after the previous race is over. In 2017 Ismail Özgül is responsible for the Forest Race and Ali Özgül for the Mountain Race. They are doing the track scouting and team of XVENTURE mastermind Martin Freinademetz contributes their experience in designing Extreme Enduro races – such as Red Bull Romaniacs and Red Bull Minas Riders in Brazil – to provide breathtaking but ridable race tracks! We’re trying to come up with as much new sections as possible because as a rider racing Red Bull Sea to Sky or any other race you don’t want to ride the same stuff year after year. Red Bull Sea to Sky 2017 Pre-Race “Train with the Pros” Some of the best Extreme Enduro Pro riders like Graham Jarvis, Wade Young, Paul Bolton and Billy Bolt took the registered riders for a ride on the day before the Beach Race! The sessions started with the chosen Pro rider on trail ride to a great training area where they gave some really useful tips and tricks for the races in the following days. This is one of the unique benefits you’re getting at Red Bull Sea to Sky: The opportunity for riders to get a free training with the absolute heroes in our sport. 3 Races 3 Styles 3 Days

Beach Race

Race day #1 of Red Bull Sea to Sky will start with the Beach Race on Thursday, September 28, 2017. The spectators will be exposed to massive top speeds, world-class skills and amazing courage right at the beach of Kemer. A Le Mans style start will take the riders into a fenced round circuit similar to a motocross / SuperEnduro track with sandy soil, a top speed straight section going along the waterfront and some natural as well as manmade obstacles – designed by Andy Fazekas who is also responsible for the legendary Prologue at the Red Bull Romaniacs in Sibiu! The mode will be “15 minutes plus one lap” and the results of the Beach Race will determine the starting order for the Forest Race.

Forest Race

On race day #2 (September 29, 2017) the riders will be taken on a time trial in the woods behind Kemer to ride some really cool single trails and gravel roads reaching into the foothills of the Olympos Mountain. About 70% of the track is new compared with the 2016 track and it will contain sections such as the “Magic Forest” and “Boulder Heaven”. The Magic Forest will be the first challenge of the day for the riders. A cool trail going through some big rocks and old trees where ‘slalom skills’ will help. In Bolder Heaven the race track goes through – as you expected – big boulders on a very beautiful trail. It’s also a cool spectator spot in “the most enjoyable Extreme Enduro race” of the year. The Forest Race track will be approximately 51km and the fastest riders are expected to reach the finish under 2 hours. Again, the results of the Forest Race will determine the starting order for the Mountain Race. To start in the first starting row of the Mountain Race the day after you need to finish in the top ten of the Forest Race.

Mountain Race

Race day #3 (September 30, 2017) and the main event of Red Bull Sea to Sky will start with rows of 10 riders each and a gap of 2 minutes between them right at the beach in Kemer just where the Beach Race took place. Ali Özgül from the Kemer Enduro Club is mainly responsible for the Mountain Race track. Being born in Kemer and the son of a hunter he knows the area inside. For Edition 8 the organizers decided to take out the long riverbed which was the first challenge for the riders in the past years. Starting at the beach in Kemer the track will take the riders through gardens and the city of Kemer. It will cross the highway underneath through a water channel, then take the riders outside the city limits where the first more technical sections are waiting. Then the track will cross the riverbed being used in the earlier editions, lead into the forest to the cable car valley station where the ambitioned amateurs are hoping to reach the Bronze Finish after 19km.

One of the new sections will be the „Cable Car“ section right after Bronze Finish, a very tough and long section, straight in the face for the riders. It will take the top riders about 40 minutes to master the Cable Car section. After 13:00 no entry to this section will be allowed without the headlights working! Once you’ve entered this section there is no way out and you could only return the same way you’ve come.

After the Bronze Finish, it will take the riders another 29 challenging kilometers to reach the Silver Finish and – besides “Cable Car” it will be sections such as “Canyon-Fun” and “Silver Slope”, a long and steep climb up on a field with tons of rocks and heavy challenges especially for the silver class riders.

The Gold Medal will be reserved only for the riders who make it to the Red Bull finish arch on the peak of the Olympos Mountain at an altitude of 2,365m after 72km. But there are some really tough sections where the riders will suffer: “Alcatraz” and just 500m before the finish it will be a section called “Stoned and starving” within which the boys will be separated from the men. To be in an excellent physical shape is key to make it to the finish or even fight for the podium. The organizers expect the fastest riders to reach the finish after little more than three hours and a total of about 25 riders to finish the race within the 7 hours limit. Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal will be handed to the riders who are making it to the respective finishes – so there will be a great reward and souvenir for the majority of the starters who come prepared and have the skills and the endurance you need in Extreme Enduro! Prize Money A total of €10,000 will be paid out in Edition 8 of Red Bull Sea to Sky. The split will be as follows:

Beach Race: 1st €1,000, 2nd €600, 3rd €400 Forest Race: 1st €1,000, 2nd €600, 3rd €400 Mountain Race: 1st €3,000, 2nd €2,000, 3rd €1,000 Event Schedule Beach Race Thursday, September 28, 2017 – Start 9:00

Forest Race Friday, September 29, 2017 – Start 9:00

Olympos Mountain Race Saturday, September 30, 2017 – Start 9:00