Dear rider, If you are planning to race the 2017 Red Bull Romaniacs, it is critical to attend the online registration later this week. There is only a limited number of starting places available – here are a few tipps to secure one of them: The starting places will be assigned according to the order of completed registrations. The registration will only be completed with the confirmed arrival of the starting fee (or a downpayment of a part of it). The fasted way to achieve a confirmed payment is by Credit Card, Debit Card etc. – these payments are confirmed within minutes. If you do not have a Credit Card, you might want to ask a friend or family to use theirs and reimburse them. Make sure you have the card details ready when you go online for the registration. The hotel rooms are also assigned according to the order of completed registrations. The hotels are assigned in the following order: Ramada, Continental Forum, Ibis, Imparatul Romanilor, Parc and Roberts. (first riders with paid registrations = Ramada…) Do not forget to also register your support crew or family – in order to get them into the same hotel Riders, who do not manage to snatch one of the starting places, will enter a waiting list. The waiting list will be processed in chronological order. Registration starts: Friday, October 28th 07.00am GMT (10.00am Eastern European Time (EET) You can bookmark our registrations page:

If you are still in doubt if you want to race the 2017 Red Bull Romaniacs … This edition will be the wildest Red Bull Romaniacs ever! Not tougher than last year, but the track will lead you deeper into Europe`s last real wildernesses – in completely new areas with completely new adventures. And no worries about the challenge: The necessary strength and skill level is chosen to bring the world`s best Extreme Enduro riders to their limits. One other thing will get special attention next year – the finish party. Keyword: “The wildest ever”…

Red Bull Romaniacs team