” The 2016 Putoline Hare Scrambles series organised by WOR Events had the 3rd round go off last weekend with a mixture of good and bad weather, a fantastic proper old School Cross Country Enduro track and some great racing to boot. The track was a 10 mile per lap feast of enduro for the lucky riders and was made more difficult early on in the race by the torrential, unforecast, overnight rain that battered the venue. The experience of Steve Ireland and his WOR team shone through though as they made some changes to the track to keep it going and let the riders know that the course would be drying up with every lap with the Sunshine now beating down and hotter than most places in Europe. Starting at 11am sharp and running for 2 hours or 2.5hrs depending on class, The race was always going to be a thinkers one, with strategically planned fuel stops and clever negotiation of the terrain being a massive part of any successful ride on this humongous mountainside course.

CF Racing / Geartech MX Star Ray Rowson is committed to the WOR/PHS series for 2016 and he put his 300 2t Husqvarna on top of the podium with a start to finish victory. Rowson looked awesome out on the course and was making light work of the terrain with plenty of airtime and lots of smooth bog hopping. This was only Rowson’s 3rd Hare Scramble Enduro and he really looks like taking to this kind of riding and more importantly he is really enjoying it. Ray was chased down by Alex West on his Yammy 2t but managed to keep a minute gap after distancing himself from West around lap 2. 3rd Placed George Price looked to be going great guns on his Brand New Husky 300 2t and was right on West’s tail for a bit before eventually dropping off the pace and trailing West home by 4 minutes and Rowson by 5 minutes.

Chris Wagstaff (Yamaha) had a real battle on his hands at one point with Dean Johnson (KTM) matching him and even taking the lead from him in the Expert Vets class but once Johnson had lost his brakes it was Waggy that kept up the momentum and forged on ahead to secure the usual class win of his by an eventual 2 minutes. Lincoln Brewster the old WOR master was back in the game and hunting them down but a little bit of fitness work and re acclimatisation to the sport is needed for the Super Committed Brewster to get back on top spot, Brewster settled unhappily for the 3rd place in class.

Paul Sykes had a flawless race, leading the Clubman from Start to finish and dominating the group by being the only rider to complete 7 laps in class. Sykes on his 2t KTM was followed home by Runner Up, Rob Simpson (KTM) whom in turn finished 2 minutes ahead of third placed Aled Harrison, making it an Orange 1,2,3 in that group.

Top Clubman Vet was Stacey Greensall with John Jones in the Runners Up spot as the y both put there Huskys on the podium. Gary Morely was declared winner on the day but on looking at Results proper it was noticed that Morely did not complet the required 2.5hrs.


Josh Haith is one young rider to keep an eye on, Riding with an effortless style and a very quick pace, the likeable youngster from Doncaster was in top form as he simply controlled the Sportsman class from the seat of his 85cc Big Wheel Husky to put in a fantastic shift and be the only rider in class to do 6 laps. Runner Up spoils went to another improving Youngster, Sion Jones (Husky) with third placed Stoke based youngster, Rob Myatt taking the 3rd spot. All 3 young riders certainly going to be one’s to watch for the future.

Emrys Price (KTM) topped the Sportsman Vets group with another determined ride to force his brother, Bryn Price (HUSKY) into a very well deserved Second place with Mark Heaton (HUSKY) in 3rd spot 3 minutes down on Bryn. All 3 doing 5 laps each.


In the Over 50’s group, Colin Griffiths continued his bossing of the class with yet another win on board his 300 2t KTM. The big man finishing as the only rider in class to do 6 laps and indeed the winner of the 2hr race overall. Duncan Humphreys (Husky) was Runner Up with John Citrine on the Beta 3002t taking third place.

Another Young rider coming good and improving by the week is Young Robert Francom. Francom (Husky) had a very comfortable lead in the competitive Youth class as he powered to 5 laps and a 7 minute victory over Runner Up, Ryan Holland (KTM).Third spot went to Young Cumbrian rider, Liam Crowe (KTM) with a good ride around in the tricky conditions early on.

The 85’s did really well and the racing between Frank Skillin to take the win from Haydn Tyrer was so close, just 3 seconds was Frank’s advantage come the end of over 2hrs fantastic racing. Third spot went to Ioan Williams with a very determined finish. Ben Martindale topped the Novice group with another good ride as he rode well enough to take a lap victory in class from Runner Up Liam Bellfield and 3rd placed Meirion Williams.

The event ran really smooth considering the start win the tacky conditions and all of the riders seemed to really enjoy the course and its sheer size and challenges. The exclusive to WOR venue really is a jewel in the WOR Events crown and an SCE Timecard Enduro is planned there for July 24th later this year along with a Hillclimb Saturday night special. That will be one not too miss.

So to Sum up it was Ray Rowson that is steadily getting to grips with the Putoline Hare Scrambles and looking like the rider to beat as the series pushes on with the next round on June 12th at the WOR club’s fantastic, Manor Park venue Nr Welshpool.”

As always WOR would like to say a massive thank you to the land owners, staff, medics, caterers, Sponsors and of course and more importantly the riders for making these super events happen.


Report: Keith Williams