What an opening weekend .we had sunshine ,we had rain,we had wind,and we had more wind but best of all we had great racing.

Saturday started with an Enduroland RaceXC youth record entry of 42 racers,which is absolutely outstanding.a tough track -possibly the toughest they will race this season got round one off to a flyer with Chris Bailey taking both the Big Wheel class and overall .well done Chris considering there was a 125cc class as well . Nathan Upton (injured i might add) took 2nd place 85BW.Although the overall results are not really true to form due to classes starting at different times as the main race clock ticks from the lead class .(125cc youth) Jacob Roper took 3rd place 85cc BW . In the 65cc class John Stanley had an amazing race not only topping the class but gaining an impressive 7th Overall . In the 125cc class Sam Harker took the win with Charlotte Barlow in 2nd place The 85cc SW saw Neo Davis take the win with Joe Cornelius in 2nd . The 50cc/Auto class had a good entry and Louis Wallis won with a credible 3 laps in the hour .not to bad considering the top average youth lap times came out at 12-14 minutes . 2nd place was awarded to Riley Hill with 2 laps completed and 3rd went to Reece Giles with one lap of the monster course.Daniel Smith had 4th again with one lap.

As we award all the kids/youth riders the club do not insist on the young riders taking the flag for a result .mainly due to the ‘no parents’ on the track rule and that some of the children couldnt possible get their bikes to the finish flag.so as long as the rider completes at least one lap their results will stand with no DNF (for the kids that undertake at least one lap)

Well done parents for a bumper youth race and we now look at a very positive Round 2.


With regard to the above we have given a DNF amnesty across the adult solo and quad races for round one .however to be very CLEAR on the adult events to obtain a finish and result ALL riders must take the chequer flag with a ‘Running engine’ if you breakdown mid lap and cannot continue the lap with a running bike (ie fix the problem trackside ‘unassisted)you still have the opportunity to return to the pits if deemed safe .repair the bike and then continue to take the flag losing only the lap you broke down on. You must ride the bike/quad powered by its engine across the finish line to get a result . Any questions in this please call Boss . Bike V Rider V Terrain .


Luke davies .overall quad Elite winner


A cracking Elite line up saw early close racing from Jon Hunt and Dan Boam wirh Luke Gorse in the mix. Jon Hunt took the win with his first RaceXC event

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 13.03.55

followed by Luke Gorse in 2nd

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 13.09.39

and Lucas Harris in 3rd

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 13.10.02

average lap times for the elite around 12 minutes . The new clubman class was well received and Toby Hall took the win followed by Jake Palmer and Lee Allis Smith.The clubman winner was Kris Weston again a newcomer to RaceXC followed by Jordan Tuffy and Les Hubbard . Vets winner was another RaceXC newbie Carl Harmston with Mick Belcher 2nd and Neville Duke in 3rd . The Masters was won by Phil Dearden a RaceXC regular with Darren Hill in 2nd place and Antony Heatley in 3rd . Ladies winner was Gina Bewley with a credible 7 laps and Stellina Frappani in 2nd place The Youth 14-17 class was won by Charlie Goddard .james Dover took 2nd and Jay Norman 3rd The biggest class of the day was the Sportsman class and Anthony Kirby took the class win with Ray Otoka 2nd and Ross Higgins 3rd place .

To summarise the weekend .an incredible build up week to the event weather wise.being set back slightly with thursdays rain and saturday morning wind .staying dry for most of saturday until the end of both the quad and solo races.a lot of extra work for the track team caused by the weather but we pulled it off as usual .

A great opener and we now look forward to the next 6 rounds .

We hope we might see some of you next sunday at Wroxton for Rock Solid which does need more support .

Results at http://www.racesplitter.com/races/562F9BB8A

Photos online:https://www.flickr.com/photos/dizzychoonz/albums/with/72157666312285812