Countdown. In a month, the best drivers for extreme enduro in the world will be in Brazil to face the Red Bull Riders Mines , unprecedented evidence that provides four days of competition for the most insane tracks the state, from 500 km in total. Among the names already confirmed stars like Jonny Walker and Alfredo Gomez .

“The biggest challenge is not knowing what will happen. Nobody ran this race and no one knows what to expect, “says Jonny, winner of equally draconian competitions like Red Bull Romaniacs and Red Bull Hare Scramble. The purpose of the Red Bull Riders Mines is precisely emulate the most demanding tests in the world, but in a totally unfamiliar terrain. It is a four-day race, with hundreds of kilometers, and this will be the most complicated. Start competing without knowing much without knowing how far is the end. Usually we know what to expect of our races and this time we will run blindly. Jonny Walker

The tracks of Belo Horizonte, Jonny Walker and Alfredo Gomez, KTM riders will have to overcome other beasts mode. Britain ‘s Graham Jarvis , the South African Wade Young and Austrian Lars Enöckl will also be here. “Before I was thinking more on my opponents. But now when I run, I feel confident, I feel I can win. It’s just training, “plating Jonny Walker. OK then. The Red Bull Riders Gerais follows the concept of extreme enduro. The route of the race is marked with tape and signs (and the drivers can use GPS as well). As the rally, time account from start to finish, but the Riders Mines has a much more difficult route and bikes usually have less weight and lower speed, to overcome the pirambeiras. The Red Bull Riders Mines will open the 2016 season of Hard Enduro Series, which has the most prestigious events in the world in the sport. In addition to the Brazilian stage, the competition has other international events as Hare Scramble (Austria) Romaniacs (Romania), 111 Megawatt (Poland), Sea to Sky (Turkey) and Roof of Africa (Lesotho).

Image: Red Bull Content Pool