PHILLIPS breaks … HOLCOMBE happens at EnduroGP | Video Highlights


The Moto Club Artiglio di Attigio organizer of the Grand Prix of Italy Acerbis , 7th and penultimate round of the season, can be proud of his “work”! The 260 volunteers mobilized for the occasion performed a remarkable and tremendous work and have managed to do this before the last Grand Prix of the season a high quality event, attended by over 15,000 spectators thrilled with the spectacle provided by the 90 survivors the second day, fought, finally (!), for a summer sun.

steve.holcombe_EWC 2016 Rnd 7_5929

The trio Steve HOLCOMBE (GB – Beta) , Eero Remes (SF – TM) , Matthew Phillips (AUS – Sherco) has set off the fire input to the powder of EnduroGP very first and very “complicated” Enduro test and pointed leading to the end of the first round in a scenario that was reminiscent of the day and where the French led by Johnny AUBERT (F – Beta) also put the wholesale gas. But the major event of the day came in the second round of the Maxxis Cross test which Matthew PHILLIPS never saw the final frame finish. At the “fight” with Steve HOLCOMBE at the entrance of the latter (1 second to 49 only benefit the British), the Australian will be struck by its mechanics (clutch? Motor tightening?) In the beautiful banded d ‘Attigio and will have to give up … ” that’s life … Steve and Eero also experienced mechanical problems this season and so here we are tied! Anyway the Grand Prix of France looks hot as the interim head of the positions are tightening! “. The official Sherco was indeed passed through the pitfalls of the 2016 season with great constancy and regularity since the beginning of the season. The same was thought he had taken a crucial advantage at the recent GP of Euskadi where he maximum points while REMES and HOLCOMBE abandoned on technical problems … Las, mechanics decided otherwise today in Fabriano and Matthew Phillips will therefore have to continue to work instead of spending a relaxing summer!

eero.remes_EWC 2016 Rnd 7_6248

A revived championship!

Freed from the pressure of the championship leader Steve HOLCOMBE was then imperial and wins his 4th victory in EnduroGP which also allows him to take second place in the provisional 15 points PHILLIPS … “C th was a day almost perfect for me with a bike that is very well behaved. It’s a shame for Matthew but Eero and I also had our share of problems, especially during the GP of Euskadi. I now have a small lead in E3 and as I have nothing to lose I will give everything for the next GP of France! ” Eero Remes fails a little over twenty seconds of Steve HOLCOMBE after a great day. If Johnny Aubert was the fastest drivers of traffic early in the day, his compatriots Mathias BELLINO and Loïc Larrieu got into power over the special stages … “J e have never managed to ride well all weekend in Enduro Test was very tricky. I was very handicapped despite my good times in the Far test. I’m going to make myself my knee (meniscus) next week and I hope to be fit for the final in Cahors to please all the French public! “. For BELLINO misses the podium in Sunday summer for one second 49/100 facing his buddy “southern” Loïc Larrieu ! Once again the official Outsiders Yamaha achieved a barrel last tour … 8th at the start of it, he made a great lap in the final “line” before the scratch test 3 Cross to snatch his 3rd podium EnduroGP of the season ” This line was decisive. In the first round I have rolled badly. It was better in the second passage, and indeed during the 3rd round I’ve hit a very good time. Happy but tired because we come to chain four Grand difficult price in six weeks … It now remains for me to prepare myself to try to hang my first win EnduroGP home in France! “.

ej.podium.day2_EWC 2016 Rnd 7_7462

A well coming summer break!

Very bad start (11th in the first round), the Bolognese Alex SALVINI (I – Beta) snatched the 5th row to teammate Johnny Aubert , always faster in action on Sunday than on Saturday … Nathan Watson (GB – KTM) and MONNI Manuel (I – TM) confirmed their potential and their standing in the Top 10, finishing 7th and 8th while Christophe NAMBOTIN (F – KTM) concludes the 9th rank … ” I tired! I miss driving , “Norman admitted after his stunning victory yesterday. Recall that happen on the “pool” Wednesday for a second knee operation injured early 2015.

Eero Remes , so close to the seat of TM shines the colors of the firm Pesaro with another double E1 giving it some air facing Nathan Watson (17 points) before the final in Cahors. Danny McCanney ( GB – Husqvarna) found the podium facing a nasty Pascal Rauchenecker (AUT – Husqvarna) .

Loïc Larrieu makes the Yamaha clan a new and promising victory in E2, a breath before BELLINO and SALVINI . NAMBOTIN is 4th and the kid from Arizona Taylor ROBERT (USA – KTM) finishes 5th and admits delighted to return to country after a race to the side too taxing. But Matthew PHILLIPS arrive in Cahors with a good advantage of 18 points on Mathias BELLINO

loic.larrieu_EWC 2016 Rnd 7_7187

On a cloud after its title the day before, Giacomo REDONDI (I – Honda Red Motorcycle) has score a 14th consecutive victory in category Juniors facing his usual rivals are GARCIA (E – Husqvarna) , SORECA (I – Honda Red Motorcycle) and ELOWSON (S – Husqvarna) . Ultimate challenge for the “neo” champion Juniors: successful grand slam in a season, namely 16 wins in 16 race days what no other driver has never succeeded.

EnduroGP the title will be decided in Cahors!

UK doubled in 125cc FIM Youth Cup with the excellent second place of Lee SEALEY (GB – Yamaha) who becomes the Dolphin Day “King” Jack EDMONDSON (GB – KTM) crowned world champion yesterday, 20 years after the last song its “paternal” Paul . The young transalpine hope Andrea VERONA (I – Husqvarna) is also mounted on his first podium for his first grand prix.

Video Highlights Day 2.

Like most events of EnduroGP 2016 Italian Grand Prix Acerbis has therefore ended in triumph at the awards ceremony followed by a public connoisseur and particularly noisy! Although the chips are among young people, the case of Matthew PHILLIPS stimulus completely the championship EnduroGP with three drivers still able to grab the first ring of “Number 1” of the World Enduro. But It will champing at the bit for several weeks for the final outcome to be held at the Grand Prix AMV of France in Cahors 10/11 and 12 September. Not to be missed ! The EnduroGP is dynamite …