PHILLIPS and REMES in a handkerchief!


Report and Pics: Enduro GP

Scandinavian tours are never a formality … While the Grand Prix of Finland has just ended and the Grand Prix Maxxis Sweden next weekend already occupies all minds, the whole caravan of EnduroGP has could verify this maxim during the Lord’s day when the selection was made at the top, with a breakneck pace, but at the bottom with an array of drop …

This is the first fiery Swede Robert KVARNSTROM (Yamaha) who satellisait the first round imitated soon after by the junior David ABGRALL (F – Yamaha) , or by “returning” Christophe NAMBOTIN (F – KTM) very discreet today … ” I have fallen sharply in the Cross test and I preferred to stop the charges because I have not much to play and most field is stoned at each passage and causing a multitude of traps. “Other absentees brand of result sheets tonight, mainly among Juniors: Davide SORECA (I – Honda Red Motorcycle) on clutch problems or promising Josep GARCIA (E – Husqvarna) who made a strong knee sprain and lost all illusions in his duel with Giacomo REDONDI .

So much for the selection by the “low” … before the battle raged with an infernal trio led by Matthew Phillips (AUS – Sherco) very reassembled after “small” 4th place yesterday … Turns PHILLIPS , Eero Remes ( SF – TM) and Nathan Watson (GB – KTM) shared the first three stages to turn into a tissue at the end of the first round with a tiny gap of 98 hundredths of a second … besides Steve HOLCOMBE (GB – Beta) in ambush a little more than 3 seconds! Behind the hole was already with French ( LARRIEU / BELLINO ) longer to get into the rhythm and Johnny AUBERT (F – BETA) that touched “wood” (a tree!) In the Cross test.

matthew.phillips_EWC 2016 Rnd 4_8595

Steve HOLCOMBE yielded the first … ” I experienced engine problems during the second round. Unfortunately it delayed me and follows the mechanical intervention of my team, I copped a 5-minute penalty that cost me dearly for the rest of the season because I no points in EnduroGP ! “And despite this serious setback the British kept composure and smile … and that’s when that famous second round that Matthew Phillips made the difference ” Eero made a mistake in the Enduro test which gave me a good margin ahead of about ten seconds. But it was really a great price very difficult where the error was not permitted … This victory gives me a morale of steel before going to Sweden and then I silence those who say that the third round will m is not very favorable because of my physical condition! “with this success-won the Tasmanian back to tie the provisional championship with Eero Remes ! The embrace between the two champions, who meet at the entrance of the Parc Ferme was fun to see. Nathan Watson is a superb third! The “big blond” progressing at meteoric speed on his official KTM and his first success in EnduroGP is not far off. His potential seems enormous as its margin of progression and as he is already comfortable on any terrain … Mathias BELLINO (F – Husqvarna) gradually smiles again with a remarkable 4th place and his victory in Far the last test will allow him to approach Sweden in a better frame of goods: Do not forget that he had rolled the competition in Enköping it two years ago. Alex SALVINI (I – BETA) and Loïc Larrieu (F – Yamaha ) , slightly wrinkled after his big crash yesterday, scorent big points with a 5th and 6th place respectively as Arizona “kid” Taylor ROBERT (USA – KTM) who nevertheless displayed the mine bad days … mentions well also to Cristobal GUERRERO (ESP – Yam) still as tough and brave just like his compatriot Jaume Betriu (ESP – KTM) who managed his first Top 10 or to the former crossman Davide Guarneri (I – Honda Red Motorcycle) that s is “dropped” on this very lumpy ground.

jane.daniels_EWC 2016 Rnd 4_6244_0

Eero Remes , despite consecutive 8th success in E1 will count with the Briton Nathan Watson next week but with Danny McCanney (GB – Husqvarna) 3rd and first podium in 2016 or Pascal Rauchenecker (AUT – Husqvarna) and Ivan CERVANTES (ESP – KTM) . Matthew Phillips ‘double’ success with a win in E2 before Mathias BELLINO and Alex SALVINI . After his mishap in the morning and its violent confrontation with a tree in the Cross test 1, Johnny Aubert was spat in the hands to pull and fetch a splendid victory in E3 Jaume Betriu and Antoine BASSET (F – KTM) … ” ! I’m sick of these holes and these ruts and next week we go again ” slipping us arrival friendly Ardéchois! Steve HOLCOMBE only 8th and sees Johnny Aubert dangerously close to the interim …

After the morning massacre (dropouts of GARCIA and SORECA …), Giacomo REDONDI (I – Honda Red Motorcycle) continues its leadership with unquestionable Juniors 8th win in a row. 2016 is certainly “his” season! Back at his best Albin ELOWSON (S – Husqvarna) is 2nd and will be very reassembled before his audience on Saturday to end the domination of REDONDI . Local Eemil POHJOLA (SF – Husqvarna) completes the Junior podium and announces the arrival of a new guard “northern” alongside the brave Oliver Nelson (S – TM) 5th and Henric Stigell (SF – TM) 6th …

johnny.aubert_EWC 2016 Rnd 4_1598

Like yesterday, Jack EDMONDSON (GB – KTM) was too strong in 125cc FIM Youth Cup and won with a minute ahead of the excellent tricolor Jean-Baptiste NICOLOT (FRA – Yam) which in turn stacks points podiums. Antti HANNINEN (SF – Husqvarna) proved to Heinola this weekend and finished third in front of Erik Appelqvist in this category 125cc this season is an excellent wine with real talent and nearly twenty participants.

Who would have bet a pound sterling on a double by Jane DANIELS (GB – Husqvarna) in Finland for the season opener “Women” … who? Very few people, so Laia SANZ (ESP – KTM) crashed this category for four years and the retirement Ludivine Puy . Well Catalan was defeated on land that hardly fond facing her runner 2015 and finished only third! Blame it on the excellent German Maria FRANKE (KTM) , defector World MX and even occupied the head of the race in the second round … Even the Queen Laia SANZ is in trouble this season on the FIM Maxxis World Championship of EnduroGP !

Surprises are many and this in all categories in this vintage 2016 spent here in Heinola Cape mid season … but no time to blow, and this evening, towards Sweden and the city of Enköping for a fifth appointment where contenders will not have the right to miss!

enduroy.podium.day2_EWC 2016 Rnd 4_8679_0