OFFICIAL RESULTS DAY 2 – AvandaRocks 2016 Gold Category

Homero Diaz takes the win on Day 2 at Avanda Rocks with Kyle Redmond 2nd and Graham Jarvis 3rd

The second day of activities AvandaRocks Hard Enduro 2016 consisted of a tour in the mountains around Valle de Bravo of about 25 to 35 km in the area of the Black Lagoon and the Pinal del Marquesado, where 103 riders tried to complete 2 laps and second night.

The riders had better performance in the first round of Day 2 of the Gold was the Mexican Homero Diaz with his bike KTM300 No. 10 followed by the English Graham Jarvis and American Kyle Redmond. They completed the Top 5 in the morning Costa Rican Javier Araya and Andres Torres.

By the night tour the same circuit, Kyle Redmond was the one who recorded the fastest time, followed by English Jason Thomas and Homero Diaz. They also joined the Top 5 of the category Gold: Anuar Ruiz and Graham Jarvis.

In the combination of the two times they threw positions to start today the Gold, Homero Diaz was placed in first, second Kyle Redmond, Graham Jarvis third, Jason Thomas in fourth and fifth place Javier Araya.

In the category Silver, the Peruvian rider, Wilson Malo, who will start first, followed by Miguel Barcenas and third Beton Quintanilla.

In the category Bronze, which achieved the best combination of time was Enrique García Cano, the second was Arturo Garza and the third Miguel Morales.

Already in the category Iron the most consistent Fierro was Benjamin Gomez and the third was Gerardo Garcia Galvan

In the path 32 dropouts were recorded and include the defending champion of 2015, Didier Goirand of Mexico, also left the competition for a strong muscle injury in the leg by the fall in the path of the Foreword.

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Todays Schedule :

Saturday 27 February 2016 .

• Test mountain Location: Colorines , Tennis Motocross “Mines ” .

• 9.00 am: Start the first pilot .

2.00 pm and 5.00 pm: • Estimated arrival pilot respectively first and last time .

• 9 pm: Awards ceremony and closing party at the private club ” Circolo ” Avándaro Square . Avenida del Carmen , Avándaro . Valle de Bravo.