Night Track One of The Hardest Enduro in Brasil.

Last Sathurday, December 17th , the first edition of The “Night Track Enduro” happened between the cities of Campinas anf Morungaba, São Paulo State. Agência Clango and Hard Riders Trail Club organized the challenge. This is the very first enduro race done by night and most os the pilots considered this the most difficult race in 2016.

This stage was divided in three categories: Gold, Team ( 2 pilots) and Bronze. The first two categories shared the same circuit with 15 km of the worst trails possible, while the bronze had a 16.5 Km of easier trails but neither categories were easy to cross. All pilots could feel the joy and pain that’s a real hard enduro.

None participant (gold and Team) were able to finish the 2 laps at the golden trail and few were able to complete the laps at the bronze circuit.

The night track was in such high level that most of racers abandoned in the first few checkpoints. Such a harsh circuit was intended to prepare local athletes to international races as Minas Riders that will be hold on the may17-21/ 2017.

The start line was Le Mans style and the take off happened at 5:30 PM (Gold) 5:35 (Team) and 5:40 (Bronze)

A curiosity. This year we had an uncommon competition between man VS machine, where a Alexandre Lopes, 43 years old, he is a Cross Country marathonist and ran whith the Gold category and won by one and a half hour difference.

Both Agencia Calango and Hard Riders Trail Club have promised that next year’s event will be tougher so better start training for it.

O Night Track Hard Enduro sponsors were: BMS racing, Natal adventure tour, HSS, Sig visual, Mx7 parts e Feijão com tranqueira restaurant.



Ripi Galileu Fabricio Romani Sérgio del Forno


Guilherme Abalen/João Paulo Mozelli Bruno Gonzales/Jônatan Mazini


Mauricio Penino Pierluigi Clini Marcelo Barbosa