NEWS – INTERVIEW – Kyle Redmond, Graham Jarvis and Homero Diaz dominated the Prolouge Av

Faced with a lot of fans and passersby in the Avándaro Park Valle de Bravo the Prologue he was held first stage of AvandaRocks Hard Enduro 2016, where the tour half kilometer obstacles tires, stones, mounds of sand, logs and a ” seesaw “were a tough test for all the riders.

From the first practice it was extremely difficult to log the area where the riders of the categories Fierro Colado, Bronze and Silver suffered its traffic jams and the most experienced of the Gold machines passed that best section but also some setbacks.

Before reaching the final races with the top 10 in each category they were presented the main drivers and L.A.E Mauricio Osorio Dominguez, mayor of Valle de Bravo, gave the welcome accompanied the starting signal to the riders.

“Thanks for being here in Valle de Bravo pilots coming from different nationalities. This magical town welcomes visitors with open arms. We wish that this race a success, that no accident and especially May the best team win! “Said Mauricio Osorio Dominguez L.A.E.

To end the first day of activities AvandaRocks Hard Enduro 2016 race category Gold reached where the Mexican defending champion Didier Goirand, jumped to first place from the first lap but a drop in the trunks injured you and delayed .

In the case of international stars, they came back to whet gathering experience and get to the top and conclude the rough stage of the Prologue as follows: 1st Kyle Redmond (USA), in 2nd place Graham Jarvis (ING) and 3rd Homero Diaz (MEX).

Kyle Redmond,

“It was a great night, I much fun. I had a good run with no mistakes. It was a good job. But there are still 2 days of competition, we hope to not be left out. “

PrologoAvandaRocks2 (1)

Graham Jarvis,

“It’s fantastic, many people came to see the Prologue and it was fun were 10 difficult laps. The hardest part was the rocks that were unpredictable. I love the warmth of the people of Mexico in Valle de Bravo and will surely be very entertaining morning tour in the mountains “


Homero Diaz,

“It was exciting to start with this intensity, I think if we follow the weekend we will go pretty well. It is really cool to see so many people here supporting us. Didier and I are the only Mexicans participating in the Gold category, then I feel that we are the representatives of Mexico so we will enjoy and give them a good show “

PrologoAvandaRocks3 (1)

Avier Araya (CR)

“The Prologue was very complicated, the truth is that there are very technical parts, the difficulty level is very high. Then we struggled accommodate us, but I think so far we have done a great job. I think the next steps will be very different. I’ve been several times here, so we can know what we expect. I thank the organization for this great event and the invitation “