Morocco Super Test For the first GP of the season

Morocco Super Test

the start order of the Super Test (Agadir – 8 April 2016) in reversed order of the 2015 scratch. The riders that scored no points will start first. And the results of the Super Test will determine the start order of Saturday and Sunday and this only for the GP of Morocco and the Seniors classes. From the second Grand Prix of the season, the start order of the Super Test and of the two race days will be in function of the EnduroGP class standing.

Super Test Bonus For the 2016 season, there will be no more second lost in the Super Test! But the nine first of the EnduroGP class (scratch), will receive a bonus: 1st : 12””; 2nd: 10’’; 3rd: 8’’; 4th: 6’’; 5th: 5’’; 6th: 4’’; 7th: 3’’; 8th: 2”; 9th: 1’’ The participation to the Super Test is still mandatory for every rider and the Super Test is now also mandatory for the organizers.

Test Walking During the meeting held in the FIM on January, 15th, it has been decided unanimously (manufacturers, brands, promoter and FIM CEN) to authorize the access to the special tests for the riders only from Wednesday morning 8.00 o’clock That decision has been taken to limit the advantage of the riders able to arrive before everyone’s while reducing the permanent modifications in the special tests in order to permit to the organizer to finish its work not in the hurry. We remind you that the FIM rules say that the special tests must be finished at least 48 hours before the start of the race, so normally on Wednesday evening… and not before! Team managers pledged to strictly uphold this new rule to their riders in order to avoid any possible sporting sanctions.


Unique Preliminary Inspection In order to “simplify” the general organization of the championship, ABC Communication with the support of the FIM, established a unique and yearly preliminary inspection! Indeed, from Morocco GP, ABC Com will manage from Thursday morning in Agadir a unique preliminary inspection for the permanent riders of the Championship. If these riders are good with this inspection, they will not have to be present as before in the administrative control on Friday morning during each race. No more time to wait on Friday morning for the riders! Not that bad!

Online We remind you also that the registration for one or more Grand Prix of the EnduroGP season (for every category, Women included) are now done via our registration website: Easy and efficient!