Melcior Faja will rise in the new Enduro, with Montesa 4 Ride


IMPALA Honda Barcelona will give wings to which was the first Spanish rider to participate in Extreme Enduro races.

Melcior Faja will rise in the new enduro, which Honda has released this 2016, the MONTESA 4RIDE.

With this new machine, Melcior  will participate in extreme Enduro races, Extreme XL Lagares and Nirvana Xtreme and with an eye on the Red Bull Romaniacs and Hells Gate of 2,017.

Melcior counted among its sponsors with HEBO Factory that will provide the gear and helmet for this new adventure.

The subject of tires, remains faithful to the Goldentyre provided by A.LMotor Gas donkey and also will assist in some of the tests involved Melcior.