Matthew imperial PHILLIPS Wins at First Round of EnduroGP

The category EnduroGP is certainly well-born … Young, dynamic and full of life she dons already its finest, with the image of a beautiful teenager in search of her first lover! But the suitors are legion and it will decide between them throughout a season full of games! They proved in any case during the second day of Grand Agadir Price played in Morocco any interest in the “good” (category!) But the full extent of their talents and motivations.

Because, yes, this first date of EnduroGP disputed moreover for the first time on African soil was a success, despite stammering debut during the Super Test, yet followed by thousands of Moroccan spectators amazed to discover these human beings “colorful” riding their steel horses in place of tranquility chairs and beach toys!

Matthew Phillips (AUS) was in action as soon as the morning mist no end to dissipate on ocean shorelines of Agadir … Winner outset of Technomousse Xtreme Test , the protégé of Fabrizio AZZALIN , back home after two seasons with KTM, printed a hellish pace proof that only his rival and winner of yesterday Mathias BELLINO (FRA – HVA) was able to follow before however to abdicate in the final round started in dust and with a good 27 degrees on the thermometer … ” Yes of course this victory delighted me! I mainly fueled much better than yesterday when I had a small pump stroke in the third round. The day went without big worries aside in a special where my motorcycle delivered half of its power … but to my amazement I however successful the best scratch time! “Always facetious Matthew PHILLIPS therefore succeeds superb operation and bar the road lined with Mathias BELLINO (F – Husqvarna) … for a “remake” of the season E3 2015; All this once again confirms the decision of young people to the top of the Enduro World! But BELLINO is the leader of the EnduroGP after these 2 days spent in Morocco ” No disappointment at all. I sign immediately for days like this , “confessed the French driver at the finish …” Matthew has great rolled and I have made ​​mistakes in the Enduro Test of the second round which allowed him to distance myself … Place now the GP of Portugal, where last year I had not rode very well on a lot that I do not appreciate too … ”

e3 podium day2_EWC 2016 Rnd 1_9804

Hardly ranked in the Top 10 yesterday, the Finn Eero Remes had us somewhat disappointed … It is widely bought today with a superb third position gained through its speed and regularity of a metronome. It is one of the beautiful satisfactions of the day and proves that motorcycles involved in E1 (3 in 10) will also have a say in EnduroGP in the image of the Italian Gianluca Martini (Kawasaki) who signs his best result career (6th EnduroGP) after a race full of will and determination! It is far transalpine driver that was painful to see in 2015 and struggled to get into the 10 E1. Here in Agadir it was ” Martini on the Rocks”! What a great and pleasant surprise!

Steve HOLCOMBE (GB) has also done everything to climb on the podium today … Las, first means turn (do not dawdle in EnduroGP as places in 10 are very expensive and gaps in special, tiny) does not allow him to do better than 4th … But the Columbia consoled widely with a splendid victory in E3 for his first Grand Prix in the Seniors and unexpected leadership E3.

Like yesterday Alex SALVINI (I) concreted probative 5th place and ” SALVO ” remains one of the most serious contenders to the title as it should ramp up on his new car. Weave also praises the “private pilot” (but no talent!) Antoine BASSET (F – KTM) who hangs the 9 points of the 7th place and console the KTM clan decimated after the rapid abandonment of Christophe NAMBOTIN (fifth metacarpal right hand broken, we will review the GP of Greece); Another rookie to make a beautiful day, the British official KTM team Nathan WATSON that score a nice 8th place for his first GP.

eero.remes_EWC 2016 Rnd 1_9012

E3 podium E3 Podium The EnduroGP is the ball!

Disappointment with Johnny AUBERT (F) who finished only 9th after his astonishing result of the day ” I was not there. No feeling today . ” He finished ahead of both drivers’ Outsiders Yamaha “, Loïc Larrieu (F) and Cristobal GUERRERO (E) respectively 10 and 11th of EnduroGP where it is very difficult to score points reserved for the first 15 … Just ask CORREIA (P – 22nd) , CERVANTES (ESP – 23rd) , GUARNERI (I – 28th) or BARRAGAN (E – 33th) what they think!

In E1, REMES therefore carries an expected doubling before young MARTINI and the tall blond Nathan WATSON while McCanney end 4 and 5. In E2, victory Matthew PHILLIPS before BELLINO , SALVINI and Yamaha LARRIEU and GUERRERO . And E3 , nice shot of Steve HOLCOMBE facing Antoine Basset and Johnny Aubert while Jaume Betriu (ESP – KTM) will offer a fine accessit (4th), as MONNI Manuel (I – 5th) .

The final rush of the Catalan Josep GARCIA (E – Husqvarna) will not suffice … Giacomo REDONDI (I – Honda Red Motorcycle) restarts of Morocco with 40 points in his wallet and thus climbs on the top step of the podium. A podium completed by the Portuguese Diogo VENTURA pawing impatiently to welcome his classmates Junior home in a week for the second GP of the season. Kirian Mirabet (E – Sherco Academy) and Oliver Nelson (S) have as illustrated in the under 23 years.

Jean Baptiste NICOLOT (F – Yamaha) was in irresistible FIM Youth Cup 125cc and sign and his first success in the World to the delight of the French Team of EEAT which is thus a reward for the efforts and investments made ​​in years for young people! Jack EDMONDSON (GB -KTM) , injured his finger, is satisfied with his second place.

The caravan of EnduroGP will take tonight road Tangier to leave the African continent and to reach Europe towards Gouveia and GP Polisport of Portugal ! Because after the dust, stones and sun, it is the rain and mud that are announced next weekend! It will not be … ” It’s the boss Africa … ” and it will be ” This is the real Enduro and my guys! ”