Matt Boam led from Start to Finish at the Enduro Live 3hr Hare and Hounds

A great start to our three hour mini race series with a slightly different track and a shorter lap than usual at the Chacombe venue and built for a wet weekend,the weather was glorious and actually caught us out in a good way for a change .we put more thought into the design and tricky sections which did upset the state of play with a few results as intended with the three hours proving to be a great leveller with fitness and stamina being the winner .it was tough .

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Matt Boam led in the Elite from start to finish with an average 8 minute lap and a cracking 23 Dan was close behind on 22 laps with James Jackman taking 3rd place . The Boams blitzed the whoop sections and pumped out the laps on full gas making the whoops look almost flat .awesome to watch !!!!!

In the Masters Richard Wright had a cracking day taking the win and a 6th overall with Phil Dearden 2nd and Darren Hill in 3rd place ( results amended from awards on day ) Wet specialist Lee Allis Smith had a ‘moment’ in the wet just after the rock section which stopped his progress for a while .keeping cool Lee went on to take the Clubman plus win with Josh Buckley 2nd and Graham Maunder in 3rd. In the vets Neville Duke rode awesome after battling ‘man flu’ which made his win even more special with the ‘Machine’ Mick Belcher in 2nd and Neil Richardson in 3rd .

Adam Carter took a well deserved first sportsman win with Titus Blackwell in 2nd and Adams partner in crime Gary Curtis taking 3rd . In the clubman after a detour on the start by a few riders via the pits Richard Jordan took the win with John Underwood 2nd and Dan Jarrett in 3rd The youth class was won by James Dover with Charlie Goddard in 2nd place . The ladies saw Abigail Childs race home first with a superb 14 laps and Katie Robinson took 2nd place .

To summarise a tough day at the office,some great results,a different approach to the track build,a few rider personality issues but overall a great day as we look forward to Round Two on the 3rd July at Ivinghoe Aston

1.12Matt Boam03:06:34.700:00:00.023RaceXC Adult Elite–212Dan Boam––22RaceXC Adult Elite–78James Jackman––22RaceXC Adult Elite–14Rob Higgs––21RaceXC Adult Elite–61Jason Bowen––20RaceXC Adult Elite–117Richard Wright––20RaceXC Adult Masters–5Lee Allis-Smith––20RaceXC Adult Clubman Plus–52Phil Dearden––19RaceXC Adult Masters–108Nev Duke––19RaceXC Adult Vets–4Barney Thurgood––19RaceXC Adult Elite–79Adam Carter––19RaceXC Adult Sportsman–327Mick Belcher––19RaceXC Adult Vets–396Titus Blackwell––18RaceXC Adult Sportsman–77Darren Hill––18RaceXC Adult Masters–6Richard Jordan––18RaceXC Adult Clubman–3John Underwood––18RaceXC Adult Clubman–23Gary Curtis––18RaceXC Adult Sportsman–92Ben Faulkner––18RaceXC Adult Sportsman–22Neil Mardlin––18RaceXC Adult Sportsman–37Josh Buckley––18RaceXC Adult Clubman Plus–111Dan Jarratt––18RaceXC Adult Clubman–371Mark Elden––18RaceXC Adult Clubman–17Neil Richardson––18RaceXC Adult Vets–30Graham Maunder––18RaceXC Adult Clubman Plus–7Marcus Humphrey––18RaceXC Adult Vets–800Stephen Cornelius––18RaceXC Adult Masters–62Dan Askham––17RaceXC Adult Clubman–808Jim Allwood––17RaceXC Adult Vets–246Murray Shotter––17RaceXC Adult Clubman–13Tom Vandy––17RaceXC Adult Clubman–19James Dover––17RaceXC Adult Youth 14-17–263Sydney Erasmus––17RaceXC Adult Clubman Plus–2Dean Hodgkins––17RaceXC Adult Sportsman–838William Rone-Clarke––16RaceXC Adult Sportsman–10Shane Campion––16RaceXC Adult Sportsman–99Adam Jordan––16RaceXC Adult Sportsman–11Ross Dover––16RaceXC Adult Masters–45Antony Heatley––16RaceXC Adult Masters–66Darren Carter––16RaceXC Adult Sportsman–21Oliver Hall––16RaceXC Adult Sportsman–25James Evans––16RaceXC Adult Vets–16Alan King––16RaceXC Adult Masters–71Charlie Goddard––16RaceXC Adult Youth 14-17–747Simon Charlesworth––16RaceXC Adult Vets–149Chris Hill––15RaceXC Adult Clubman–761Garth Meyer––15RaceXC Adult Sportsman–211Mark Goddard––15RaceXC Adult Vets–15Jason Freiburg––14RaceXC Adult Vets–8Andrew Curtis––14RaceXC Adult Sportsman–771Abigail Childs––14RaceXC Adult Ladies–223Dale Robinson––14RaceXC Adult Sportsman–9Ashley Page––14RaceXC Adult Clubman–121Jason Adams––14RaceXC Adult Sportsman–73Jake Walton––14RaceXC Adult Sportsman–59Gareth Roberts––14RaceXC Adult Vets–67Craig Hodgkins––13RaceXC Adult Sportsman–46Simon Fry––13RaceXC Adult Sportsman–84Greg Freiburg––12RaceXC Adult Masters–511Stuart Maunder––12RaceXC Adult Clubman–161Bradley Sheasby––12RaceXC Adult Sportsman–171Dean Skerratt––11RaceXC Adult Clubman–457Dylan Watt––10RaceXC Adult Sportsman–96Jordon Saunders––10RaceXC Adult Sportsman–502Katie Robinson––9RaceXC Adult Ladies–142Adam Savage––8RaceXC Adult Masters–823Ashley Alsworth––8RaceXC Adult Sportsman–169Carl Fennelly––8RaceXC Adult Sportsman–18Tony Copp––7RaceXC Adult Masters–307Adam Gordon––5RaceXC Adult Sportsman–245Adam Thomas––2RaceXC Adult Sportsman