One of the best hard enduro riders, Mario Román, tell you 5 tricks to face Hixpania. A good rest, the perfect bike or the food are the keys of the Husqvarna Rockstar Factory rider.

1. Pre-training

The time you have to ride must be thinking in your next race. You can find a terrain or a training format such as Hixpania. For instance, more than 4 hours ridding or mountain biking will be perfect for saturday race (Campoo XTreme).

2. Bike set-up

Hard enduro bikes are something different to conventional enduro bikes. You will need soft suspensions, so factory settings will go really good. Moreover, you can try to close the exhaust valve screw (if your bike allows) and put the intermediate dock. Some riders change the head of the cylinder to achieve a sweeter engine. ¡Ah! And a very important key are hard enduro tyres. Softer and with more grip than enduro ones.


3. How to charge energy?

Your challenge starts the monday before the race. You can try to eat 60% carbohydrates (pasta, cereals, rice), 20% protein (meat or fish) and 20% healthy fats (nuts or fish). Furthermore, you have to drink water along the day and put some minerals on it. Not everything is eating! To stretch Before sleep and seven hours on bed will help you to achieve your target.

4. Fill the bag of the camel with a carbohydrates drink and drink it all the time. Moreover, don´t forget to stop and eat some energy bars, gels, or fruit. The porpose is to be ‘finisher’ not to die on the bike.

5.Enjoy the ride: The key to not give up

Your energy goes down after some trials and the sweat starts to go down your head… Do not despair! Remember why you are ridding and what makes you being here. As you know, in Hixpania you can put your face up and see an amazing paradise for enduro so you can forget the pain easily