The Hard Enduro Club Arad has set for the start of this year’s King of the Hill Tournament in Arad over backward. Right in the city center was staked on an area of an old factory, a Super Enduro similar course. Included were many obstacles that could be handled well by almost all participants of the three classes Hobby, Expert, Pro but. The only key point was a stone driveway, there, the driver jammed often.

They started in a mass start, each row with 8 riders and usually in 3 rows every 10 seconds. This not only ensured jam but also a powerful dust. The temperatures were around 25 degrees. Important to was equal to classify forward to drive out to a good start position.

The best 16 riders in each class qualified also directly for a final race. The remaining pilots in more than 300 riders large field of riders had in a load still improve chance running a second chance to pass the time and take one of the last 4 places in the final. In the Pro class was Manuel Lettenbichler big favorite and demonstrated this well from the start , Eloi Salsench and Oskar Kaczmarcyck could not arrive to Arad from injury reasons, thus fell already 2 strong opponents of Mini Letti away. With a dominant fastest time in the Qualifyingrunden he went to # 1 lying finals. This place was the RedBull pilot defend until the finish. 2nd place in the Pro class took David Cyprian before Lars Enöckl.

The Expert class was Roman Körber win and won Christian Maciej from Fair Metal Racing to amateur riders team.In the final of the Super Final victory went to Lettenbichler before Bertl and Enöckl.

Tomorrow it goes to a 70km long lap around Ghioroc or the headquarters Pension Konak.


Photos: DG Design / Denis Günther

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