Completely dominant on the track this season, Manuel LETTENBICHLER (D – KTM) clinched 15 victories of 18 to become the 2016 SuperEnduro Junior World Champion. Right before he gets his head on the Hard Enduro season, “Mani” had a chat with us about his nearly perfect season and his dreams for the future…

Hi Mani, it’s just your second season in SuperEnduro, tell us more about you… Manuel LETTENBICHLER: “Hi my name is Manuel Lettenbichler, I´m 17 years old. I got my first trial bike when I was 5 years old. Since then I was motivated and train hard to become a professional off-road rider. I changed from trial to enduro three years ago because I had much more fun. Last season, I participated to my first SuperEnduro season and it was kind of a success for me with a 3rd overall result in the Junior class. Since last Saturday I´m the new SuperEnduro Junior World Champion, it is so awesome and makes me even more motivated for the future!”

Few days after your Junior title, did you have time to celebrate it? M.L: “Of course, we went out to party with all the riders and my family right after the event. We had so much fun, I enjoyed it a lot. But I don’t really have a break as the first Hard Enduro will start at the beginning of April.”

After a nice first season (3rd overall), were you thinking that you’ll be that dominant? M.L: “Well… Not really! I didn´t know how good the new riders like Blake GUTZEIT or Luis OLIVEIRA will be. So I didn´t expected to be that dominant this season. It´s also a long season with six rounds, where anything can happen. But I prepped myself in a really good shape to battle with all these good riders.”

You’re young but you are already a very technical rider. From where does it come? M.L: “I rode eleven years in trial before I started enduro. My dad was although a really good trial rider. He taught me everything on the bike. I think trial is the best school to race tough enduro as it´s so technical. You get the feeling for handling a bike.”


“I will have to train harder in motocross to get the speed I miss!”

In your opinion, which track was the best of the season? M.L: “Difficult to say. Every track was different, but the most enjoyable tracks were Brazil and Prague. The track builders made a really good and professional job there.”

It seems you are still having some troubles with fast track like the one in Argentina… M.L: “It was not my day. I did too many mistakes and I had one big crash in the second heat. I came from trial, so I prefer more difficult and technical tracks but I trained a lot in motocross last year to get the speed and the feeling for the jumps and it´s much better than two years ago. So I will train harder to get better and better on the fast stuff.”

What’s your life when you’re not racing? M.L: “Since last December I can live like a real professional rider. So I train the most of the time. When I´m not racing or training I hang out with friends, enjoying my time in the mountains like skiing, mountain biking or hiking”

Are you still studying? M.L: “I finished school last year.”


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“My dad is the best trainer I could imagine!”

Your dad is a Hard Enduro specialist… Isn’t it too difficult sometimes to be the son of Andreas LETTENBICHLER? M.L: “No. I´m so proud to be the son of one of the best Hard Enduro riders in the world. He is the best trainer and dad I could imagine.”

Like him, are you looking to make a great career also in Hard Enduro or you want to take your own way? M.L: “The plan is now to focus on Hard Enduro in the summer time and in the winter time on SuperEnduro, but my schedule can always change.”

What’s your goal for your first season in Prestige class in 2017? M.L: “I will give my best to be in the top 8 and for sure I will get some new experiences in the season 2017.”

Which bike will you ride? Still with KTM Factory? M.L: “Yeah I´ll still be with KTM next season. But I will change from a 300 two stroke to a 250 four stroke!”

What will you try to improve for next season? M.L: “I will work hard to improve my speed on the tracks. I have to train a lot in motocross to try to reach the speed of the best guys of the Prestige Class!”


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SuperEnduro: Rock and Roll Junior Class: Chance for youngsters Blake GUTZEIT: Have to clean his runs Benjamin HERRERA: Chiles top rider Wade YOUNG: Nice guy Tim APOLLE: Got good experience in the season Luis OLIVEIRA: Rival of the season Colton HAAKER: The Champion Cody WEBB: Smoothest rider on the track Jonny WALKER: The real champ Taddy BLAZUSIAK: Most professional

LETTENBICHLER Digest Name: LETTENBICHLER Manuel Nickname: Mani Nationality: Germany Date of Birth: April, 30th 1998 Place of Birth: Rosenheim, Bavaria Number: 304 Career Highlights: 2014: 18th Erzberg Rodeo – Youngest finisher in Erzberg history 2015: 3rd SuperEnduro Junior World Championship – 5th RedBull 111 Megawatt 2016: SuperEnduro Junior World Champion