Great event yesterday and well ridden by Luke Rudd to take the win at the Rock Solid Finale completing 18 Laps

Lee Allis-Smith took 2nd Place with 17 Laps closely followed by Jason Bowen who again completed 17 Laps to take 3rd Place

All top three in class will recieve the open award Rock Solid plaques and the overall 3 round winners will receive a cracking cut glass award .Full results for overall will be this week .

A great ‘marmite’ venue that has been enhanced now for future events with additional open going scramble fields so look out for our next event here.‪#‎properenduro‬

Our next event will now be Round 2 Race and practice weekender at Ivinghoe Aston .There is no event this weekend .

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.22.24

Race Pictures:

Next Event Booking: Rudd02:06:12.900:00:00.018RaceXC Adult Elite–5Lee Allis-Smith––17RaceXC Adult Vets–61Jason Bowen––17RaceXC Adult Elite–37Josh Buckley––16RaceXC Adult Clubman–171Kris Weston––16RaceXC Adult Clubman–7Elliott Croft––16RaceXC Adult Elite–8Dean Seddon––15RaceXC Adult Elite–101Zain Daniels––15RaceXC Adult Clubman–3Titus Blackwell––15RaceXC Adult Sportsman–78Will Stansbie––15RaceXC Adult Youth 14-17–994Mark Sinclair––15RaceXC Adult Vets–108Neville Duke––15RaceXC Adult Vets–87George Wolfe––14RaceXC Adult Clubman–77Darren Hill––14RaceXC Adult Masters–79Adam Carter––14RaceXC Adult Sportsman–215Pete Bailey––14RaceXC Adult Clubman–71Charlie Goddard––14RaceXC Adult Youth 14-17–23Gary Curtis––14RaceXC Adult Sportsman–161Mitch Parkes––13RaceXC Adult 85cc BW Youth–35Tony Chawner––12RaceXC Adult Sportsman–236Matt Mcginty––12RaceXC Adult Sportsman–211Mark Goddard––11RaceXC Adult Vets–44Richard Davies––11RaceXC Adult Sportsman–50Anthony Kirby––11RaceXC Adult Sportsman–721Lee Fitzpatrick––11RaceXC Adult Vets–149Chris Hill––10RaceXC Adult Clubman–15Derrin James––4RaceXC Adult Sportsman