Luca Colombo beats Robbie Maddison’s World Record

Luca Colombo has conquered today the new speed World record on water thanks to a speed of 104Km/h. The record to beat, previously belonged to the Australian rider Robbie Maddison, was 93,3 Km/h – 58 mph.

At 10.00 a.m. from Gravedona, after a brief running-start on the beach to increase the required speed to run on water, Luca arrived at Lido di Dongo after 2’ 43” minutes of “navigation”. Here’s the number of the venture: highest speed reached 104 km/h (64,62 mph) which means more than 28 meters per second. During his performance, Luca had to face a singular problem: shortly after he had reached the maximum speed, a wave caused the opening of the inflatable system that should be activated only in case of power loss emergency thus avoiding the sinking of the motorcycles. Nonetheless, the Italian rider managed the disadvantage with great ability and experience and finish triumphantly his venture.

At the arrive Luca declared: “I am really satisfied, I wanted this record much more than the precedent, it was very hard to reach even one more single km/h and if in these years we recorded many data and variations on water, there are still many unknown factors. Truth is you never know what’s going to happen every time I place my bike on water. This year everyone really made a great effort, from Giorgio Lumini and Angelo Pezzano, that have been following me with their great professionality, to the Red Moto team that supported me in every requests and every partners that gave their contributions to this challenge, because this record doesn’t belong just to me, without their support this would be impossible. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart!”.

For his personal safety Luca chooses to wear on his wrist Kingii Wearable, the smallest personal flotation device of the world, entrusting instead the eventual recovery of the motorcycles to a self-inflating system that Luca will activate in case of emergency, thus avoiding the sinking of the motorcycles. The 30 July 2017 Luca Colombo has completed the crossing of lake Como starting from Gravedona, has arrived at Colico in 5 minutes “of navigation” on track to 5,5 km at speed of approx to 75 km/h over 20 meters per second, reaching the maximum speed of 83 km/h. His video has been seen by over 100million worldwide.