David Knight, Jonny Walker and Billy Bolt have all confirmed the will be riding the 13th edition of Extreme XL Lagares on the 27th and 28th of May 2017.

It will be the first time for the three riders they have entered the race in Porto, KTM Factory Racing Jonny Walker it will be his second Hard Enduro race of 2017 and the first time riding the Extreme XL Lagares in Porto, David Knight will also riding for KTM and looking to show the young riders how its done. with Graham Jarvis not entering the race Billy Bolt will be fighting to get podium place for Factory Husqvarna Racing Team, also entering in the pro class will be Alfredo Gomez winner of the last three editions, Mario Roman, Lars Enockl, Dani Oliveras, Pol Tarrés, Travis Teasdale and Michele Bosi.

Race Schedule

Prologue will take place on May 27th, in Praça da Ribeira, in Oporto, from 10:00 to 17:00. The Prologue is mandatory to al riders. Riders/teams that will not complete the prologue, will take the last riders time, plus one minute.

Night race starting order will be the same as the prologue. Night race will start at 20:00, in groups of four riders every minute. Night race will have approximately 7km.

Main Race Start Race start will be at 11:00. Riders/teams will start in groups of 4 every minute. Starting order will be decided by the total time of the Prologue and the Night Race. Fastest total time will start first. Starting order: Pro Class Expert Class. Hobby Class, XL Class and Veterans will start in order of time. Faster time first, but these classes will be mixed. Race Course The race will consist of two laps to a 25km circuit, with one Assistance Zone. Outside Help No outside help is allowed, either by the audience or by the teams. Riders can help each other in exceptional cases. There will be marshals along the circuit, properly identified, and they are the only outside help that riders can have.

Photo Credit: Garry Barnes