On Saturday morning at the briefing,competitors were surprised to have a luxury marshall in the person ofAntoine Basset . The driver was Privas attend the event but, embarrassed groin because of a strained contracted at the CDF Enduro in Saint Palais, had to save for the GP of Greece. The race then rushed in a beautiful sun but in the early rounds, blow to two of the favorites for the podium: Edouard Balanche andJonathan Rosse , both know mechanical problems. Weekend finished for the drivers of the European Enduro Championship. The way is thus open for Kevin Rohmer pursued by the young Till de Clercq , the local Jean-Charles Schneider and Alexis Bérépion . The three men will lead a fight until the last corner to get on the podium of this first endurance 1:30. The Alsatian Rohmer finally wins the race 1:30 with nearly 42 seconds ahead of De Clercq and Schneider.


Hardly rested drivers enchainent with a special timed lap. No room for error with only one possible test. In that game, it’s Till De Clercq who surprises everyone and the best time with no less than 7 seconds ahead of Kevin Rohmer and 23 of Alexis Bérépion ! A superb performance for Alésien, former vice-champion of France Supermoto, which is then placed in a good position for the general classification before beginning the final day. After a great dinner and a concert in the village of saliva, the drivers meeting at 11:00 to take the start of the second endurance 3:00 this time. Departure given the strong men of the day did not see the head since it is the veterans Jerome Taesch and Jimmy Vautrain who take orders, followed by Charles Feyrit and crossman bourguignon Paul Chabanis. The Beta Feyrit and Taesch pilot then began a part of elbows to elbows race, while Rohmer again gradually being late. To the chagrin of Charles Feyrit who was desperate to complete a lap in the lead, the KTM rider then repeats the orders before the end of the first round and not let go of this position to the finish. Behind the young attacking Box ride up ; Jean-Charles Schneider, stuck behind a group of 5 pilots, takes risks and to double soon find themselves fighting with Alexis Bérépion, he soon exceed. Till De Clercq back for his fourth after a very bad start. However, it will not happen to come challenge the top three.


The seats will change over to the end, and that is how Kevin Rohmer won his second success on the Enduro Top : a racing format combining speed and crossing that seems to succeed him perfectly! Till De Clercq took second place overall before Alexis Bérépion, Jean-Charles Schneider and Charles Feyrit! Again Top Enduro will be remembered leaving unforgettable memories for many drivers and spectators! We think of course the wounded of this edition including Anthony Pagnier and Antoine Schmitt to whom we wish a good and fast recovery.


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