Kevin Gallas takes the win at German Hard Enduro Series despite knocking himself out

Coming into the first hard enduro series race in Germany to Crimmitschau as a favorite the newly crowned super enduro world champion showed already in the first lap that this sport can always be unpredictable. The 164 riders of the mornings prologue had to do two timed laps, the better one would determine the starting position. Gallas got the pole position with a time over two minutes faster than his nearest rival. The Le-Mans style start went perfect, Gallas got the holeshot and started pushing away from the pack. But already in the first lap the young German got kicked by a bump on the fastest point on the racetrack, lost control and crashed head-on against a tree. He couldn’t remember the crash, but his onboard camera was recording. When he came to consciousness again he found himself trapped under the bike and could not breathe. He hoped for help but had to realize that nobody has seen his crash. When he got his breath back and his body did not show any serious injuries he got his bike out of the bushes and went back on track.

Gallas didn’t know how many guys passed him. He rode the first lap really calm, tried to listen to his body if anything felt wrong. His head was clear, movement was painfree, only deep breaths hurted him a little. He felt strong enough to reenter the race. From outside the track Gallas got the hint to be in 10th place – he knew it wasn’t an easy task to catch up to Leon Hentschel and Robert Scharl in the summer heat and the narrow but fast tracks. Both showed in their prologue times they knew how to ride the track with ease and could push on the fast parts. For two hours Gallas was railing the track on the absolute limit and caught up to a minute to the leading duo. With two fuel stops he had to quench thirst of his carburated Husqvarna in these extreme conditions. But Gallas didn’t drop the pase, also got that time back and fought his way to the rear wheel of the leaders. When they realized Gallas caught them from the back, Scharl and Hentschel pushed hard to withstand the pressure of the world champion. After two and a half hours they let him through fair,

without forcing him to try stupid overtakes. Gallas separated himself a little but after a misjudged rut on a steep hill and a small crash over a pipe Leon Hentschel got himself back into the fight. After another half lap of intense racing Gallas finally inched away and was seemingly facilitated to see the chequered flag after the final hillclimb. He didn’t only win the three hours race but also got the X-Grip prologue award and the fastest lap award. Kevin Gallas: „I’m super proud that I kept my composure and could turn the race around after that nasty crash. In addition to the thanks to my team and sponsors I would like to thank the organizers for their work and the fantastic organization. With a challenging track that demanded technical skills as well as fast racing you could call the opening round of the German hard enduro series a success.“ Again Kevin Gallas won a race using his enormous physical and mental strength. His main sponsor Grenzgaenger sent him to Croatia for the preparation. The training at Endurides by Marko Prodan made him confident on the bike and the technical support by MH-Motorräder helped the bike withstand these extreme tortures. And a whole lot of luck helped to prevent worse.