Jonny Walker withdraw’s from 1st Day after Crash Red Bull Romaniacs

Jonny Walker KTM factory rider has withdrawn on the first day of Red Bull Romaniacs after Crash

“Jonny Walker”

“I was riding through long grass in 3rd or 4th gear, so quite fast and I clipped my toe on a hidden tree stump which pulled my leg off the bike. It was about 20 minutes from the SP, there were a few of us riding together. When my leg ripped off the bike I fell forward and landed on my “crown jewels” which winded me and I whiskey throttled and the bike just shot off. It was like a comedy of someone who has never ridden a bike before, I Ronny Mac’ed it ! When I got up my leg was killing so I rode all the way on my left leg, which is also now painful. Hopefully it is not re-broken, I will go for an X-ray now”