INTERVIEW – Marc Bourgeois: Coach of Team Yamaha Oustsiders

If in 2016 Marc Bougeois remains at Yamaha, there is still change because this year it will carry two hats: that of team manager and driver of that. So we wanted to know more about the new features of Marco and the Team Yamaha Outsiders it will lead.

So what’s this new Yamaha team Outsiders?

Marc Bourgeois: Team Yamaha Outsider is a new team enduro who was born after the will of Yamaha back in the race to the world title with the new 450 WRF (7 years after the last title Yam ‘enduro with Johnny Aubert in 2008). Team Outsider will be the official representative of Yamaha Enduro World Championship Enduro 2

The Outsiders team will be composed of 7 people:

  1. Yann Lozano (technical coordinator)

  2. Fabien  “Fedex” Vinel (chief engineer)

  3. Fabien Boudet (mechanic)

  4. Nicolas Dumeny (mechanic)

  5. Christobal Guerrero (Pilot # 96)

  6. Loic Larrieu  (Pilot # 4)

  7. Marc Bougeois (team manager)

Loic Larrieu yamaha 450

Why the name of Outsiders?

MB: The name comes from the Outsiders partnership with Nicolas Dejouis ( Editor’s note: the Goupe Dejouis is partner of Marco for several years ) that helps us as non-sports sponsor. The Outsider name actually represents a new brand sportswear “OUTSIDERS – Nobody Knows” we develop with Nicolas. So this is why the full name of the team is Outsiders Yamaha Racing Team Enduro2. Do you support from Yamaha Europe?

MB: Yes it is under the guidance and with the support of Yamaha Europe Team that has emerged.

Why are there 2 Yamaha factory teams engaged in worldwide?

MB: Just like the Yamaha MX or 2 teams committed for the enduro Yamaha Europe also decided to enter 2 teams: one will be engaged in E1 class with 250 WRF ( Editor’s note: the Yamaha team Miglio Jamie McCanney and Mikael Persson ) and therefore we represent our brand in E2 but with 450 WRF.

Christobal Guerrero 450 WRF

What will be your role in this team? You’re going to ride?

MB: My position in the team will be the manager. When Yamaha Europe offered me this position, I was honored to any edge that trust quickly and then I quickly decided to take this opportunity manager of a factory team. In 2016 with the support of Yamaha France will continue a roll but only in France championship and the classics. The EWC I would resume my manager hat, so I would not participate in the world championship this year.

It is not too much of you to abandon the race for the world title?

MB: Not really, because I certainly have not won the title of world champion as I hoped, but I think I still have achieved great things in the world ( Editor’s note: 15 podium EWC ) and have shown that the level I had to fight at the highest world level. So, no, I have no regrets today of an era for my career. I made the choice to leave the world better for me to invest in my role as manager and try and put at the service team and drivers all my experience.

What is your agenda for 2016 and what are the drivers that will be incurred in the league of France?

MB: The program for Loïc and will Christobal championship enduro world and the championship of France for 2 drivers (and probably the Lozérien Clover). As I said earlier, my side this year I will participate only in the championship of France and the classics.

You have chosen as pilot Loic Larrieu and Cristobal Guerrero, can you explain her choice?

MB: I think it’s a good mix of experience and youth. Christobal which started on World in 2005 (and with whom I already beat me in Junior few years ago) already rolled in 2015 for Yamaha Miglio. So at 32 years for the team Christobal represents a sacred asset in terms of experience and we know that he still has the ability to very good results. Loïc him only 25 years old and who started enduro in 2013, has well over less experience in enduro, but I know that Loïc is very fast and it has already demonstrated that it had the technical potential (his past cross-man is more) and mind to become world champion in the coming years.

Loici Larrieu enduro motorcycle rider with the WF 450 Yamaha in 2016

What are your goals for 2016?

MB: Clearly Yamaha enduro does not return to make up the numbers, so we aim to beat us at the forefront of E2 category and above to ride as often as possible on the catwalks of the world. Then we’ll see during the season, but if we have the opportunity we know we have the means to fight for the title this year E2.

The mechanic Fedex and Christobal Guerrero

What do you think of the new category “Enduro GP” World?

MB: That’s a good thing because it’s going in the right direction. I think it will bring more clarity to the World Enduro crowning the fastest driver in any category. With the Enduro GP the public uninitiated to the subtleties of enduro should see a little clearer.