HIGHLIGHTS | Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017. 14 laps to get the verdict of the fourteenth edition. After an epic battle long remained on the edge of an incredible, overwhelming balance, Graham Jarvis wins back its Empire of Hell that had been his continuously for four years, from 2011 to 2014. The English rider, official Husqvarna rider and one of the “senators” Extreme Enduro, comes back to the top of the Competition, which launched him in the Olympus of the most “raw” of the Off Road Riding specialties, and writes for the fifth time his name in the golden book of Hell’s Gate Metzeler.

It was not a race for granted, not even the “revenge” of English rider at the expense of the South African, Wade Young, who had won last year’s edition. It was an excellent comparison between two recognized Champions with an enormous talent. The leitmotif of the “billboard” was, therefore, respected, but the protagonists have offered an exceptional interpretation. This is what was enough to attract the attention and passion of the audience, who rushed on the slopes of the Ciocco Mountain to be part of an exceptional festival of Fabio’s “Devil” Fasola Event.

Wade Young has concluded its second participation in Hell’s Gate 2017 to the third place, overtaken by the compatriot, Trevis Teasdale, who instead was to debut and who has demonstrated a great talent. Young was not entirely helped by good luck, it is true, and owes its ups and downs, and understandably not fully satisfactory performance, to the stop for a tire change. The change of Young’s wheel was the keystone of the match, that Jarvis had played to perfection with a “softly” start. The first round of Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017, in fact, seemed the perfect continuation of the grand final edition number 13, with Young, Jarvis and Roman one aftre the other. At the forced “pit stop” for Young at mid Race, Jarvis jumped at the first place, bringing behind him Teasdale and Roman. In the final, and in the marking deletions, Young managed to climb up to third place, however, in about a minute from Teasdale, in second position.

Fourth place went to Mario Roman, who fails to complete the amazing series of podiums at Hell’s Gate Metzeler, and who the last rider able to complete all laps of 2017 edition; fifth place for the Austrian Philipp Bertl, last of “escaped” to the tough selection of Fasola Race.

Once again, Diego Nicoletti is the first of the Italians in Race, irreducible and for a breath not in the five finalists, after managing to pass the British Bolt; beautiful race also for Gerini, rousing at the dead line of the last hour, when he managed to overtake “the two countrymen, Goggia and Bosi and gain the access to the last phase.

The new formula of Hell’s Gate Metzeler, inaugurated last year, has been furthermore improved with the introduction of a spectacular natural / artificial field adjacent to the now historic Hell’s Gate Arena. The formula has met the favor of the audience, who, together with the perfect weather on Saturday, has once again granted the essential support to the Race. Next to its fifteen edition already promise as memorable, the event – led to the baptism by a perfect synergy between Fasola and Ciocco – is undoubtedly one of the most exciting races in the Offroad World.

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017 – Final Result. 1. Graham JARVIS (GB) Husqvarna, 3H08’23; 2. Travis TEASDALE (RSA) KTM, +04’11”; 3. Wade Young (RSA) Sherco, 5’19”; 4. Mario ROMAN (E) Sherco, +8’38; 5. Philipp BERTL (A) Beta, +1 Lap.