Heat 2 SuperEnduro at the SEWC Haaker wins, this time Walker in second and Gomez in third

The second races with the reverse starting line up always guarantee some good action as the top riders have to start from the second row. In JEWC this didn’t bother first race winner Blake Gutzeit too much. He was at the end of the field in lap one but rode patient and without mistakes till the finish. He crossed the finish line in third but gained a position afterwards when Brit Gethin Humphreys got penaltied from first to third due to entering the track too late after a crash. The victory was earned by Lee Sealey who had a rough first race in which he finished dead last.

The SEWC race was action-packed too. Pascal Rauchenecker quickly took over control and the new crowd’s favourite impressed with his massive jumps. This time he added another tree double jump to his program which again no one else was capable of jumping. By midway of the race new Championship leader Colton Haaker arrived and passed the former MXGP rider Rauchenecker. The Austrian showed no sign of respect, tried to repass the champ, came short at the tree double jump and went over the bars in spectacular way. After that he still managed to keep Sherco’s Mario Roman behind him for fourth. No big drama at the front: Haaker wins, this time Walker in second and Gomez in third.

Race Report: Peter Reitbauer / Enduro Live Media Photos: Irina Gorodniakova / Enduro Live Media