Graham Jarvis takes the win at The Tough One 2016

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The Tough One 2016 was definitely one to remember. Not only was it last time the event took place at Nantmwar quarry, it was a great watch as the riders battled it out. The weather decided to help towards the intensity of the course making the tough one 2016 that little bit tougher. The winner Graham Jarvis competed intensely against the other riders throughout the race. Firstly when Paul Bolton was taking the lead at the beginning which was a very close battle between the pair with Graham on Paul Bolton’s tail attempting to take 1st place. He then went to compete for first against David Knight which is when it got ruthless between the pair as they battled it out. On the last laps towards the end of the race Graham eventually took the lead and continued to take the win. Second place was taken by David Knight. Third place taken by Paul Bolton. The race between the pro riders was very intense, there was some great riding from them all.

Full race report to follow.