Graham Jarvis Gopro Footage Hells Gate Metzeler 2016 and Report

Graham Jarvis took 2nd place on the podium at Hell’s Gate Battling his way to the end of a long and demanding day’s racing,Jarvis raced his Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing TE 300 to second overall at the 13th edition of Hell’s Gate Extreme Enduro.

Despite this year’s running of Hell’s Gate featuring a much revised and simplified race format to previous years, the event once again proved to be anything but easy. The morning qualifying race ended with Jarvis, taking no risks, placed in fifth. Working his way forward having failed to get away from the start quickly, Graham fought his way from outside the top 10 to fourth in no time at all. Setting an impressive pace, he then moved into second with close to half the race remaining. Yet despite his best efforts, Jarvis was unable to catch leader Wade Young. With the final 30 minutes of the race a torturous test of endurance around a highly-technical Endurocross track, Jarvis secured a deserved runner-up result. Ensuring more success for Husqvarna,teammate Mario Roman overcame an issue with his headlight to secure third. Graham Jarvis: “I didn’t make things easy for myself at the start. I was really slow away from the drop of the flag, so I had quite a few riders to pass. There were only two technical areas of the track, so it was hard to make up time. The spectators did a great job helping the riders, but again it made it hard for me to make up any time on Wade. But hats off to Wade, he rode a really good race. I feel like I rode well, so I’m happy with that, and it’s another podium result at Hell’s Gate. Although it was a completely different race than all previous years it was still tough – it was a long day on the bike.

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