Graham Jarvis is ahead after day three due to the race being cut short due to torrential rains last night, a lot of uphill pushing and technical sections.

“Graham Jarvis” A good days riding Paul Bolton and Manuel Manuel Lettenbichler caught up to me on one of the steep climbs, I pushed hard and to break away from them near the end, pleased with my riding and looking forward to getting back out there for the last day tomorrow.

“Mario Roman” In the morning I rode well after the first service point but made a few mistakes and couldn’t manage to catch Graham he was flying, overall a great day and happy with the way I rode.

“Paul Bolton” It was a good day but tough, I rode well Letti caught up to me near the end of the day on a steep uphill and we rode together until the end. Overall a good day and the right decision to cut the race short as some of the section was very tough.

“Manuel Lettenbichler” I caught up to Paul Bolton on one of the steep hill climbs, I enjoyed the day but too much pushing the bike up the gnarly hills, there was some nice fast flowing riding also which I enjoyed. I will push hard tomorrow on the last day to try and get a podium spot.

Photographer Credit: Mihai Stetcu Predrag Vuckovic

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