Gopro Test Ride – The New 2016 Beta 300 XTrainer Test Ride

As an entry-level off-road motorcycle, Beta’s 2016 XTrainer model was designed to be a fun, friendly playbike that could cater to a wide variety of rider sizes and abilities. Derived from the 300 RR enduro bike, the CrossTrainer’s two-stroke powerplant is tuned down for maximum usability without being intimidating, though it still has enough pulling power to tackle tight trails and off-road obstacles. There’s a bit of a trials-like influence to the chassis and handling (particularly the lightweight feel), but make no mistake—the XTrainer is not a converted trials bike, nor is it a hard enduro race machine.Here is some footage while goofing around aboard the Beta during a recent test session; here’s an onboard look—courtesy of the new GoPro Sessions camera—at what life looks like from the seat of a Beta XTrainer.