GetzenRodeo 2018 – 10,000 Euro Prize Money and a new date

The date for the GetzenRodeo 2018 will be brought forward 6 days to Sunday, October 21st 2018. Why Sunday?

On the original date there’s a race of the new WESS- Series. In order to enable WESS participants to take part in the GetzenRodeo a new date had to be found. Fall is already packed with many events, so in the organising club „GetzenRodeo e.V.“an idea was born: allowing the many local and from far away Enduro fans to have a spectacular weekend – the traditional Enduro „Round about Zschopau“ on Saturday, October 20th 2018, and the Extreme Enduro „GetzenRodeo“ on the next day, October 21st 2018.

New ground will be broken also in the field of prize money: 10,000 Euro are waiting for the new GetzenChamp, more very attractive prize money will we given to places two, three, four and five. More information will be made available at and at Facebook : „Getzenrodeo e.V.