Gethin Humphreys wins the Tough Ones Little Brother


“The world-famous home of UK Extreme Enduro, Nantmawr Quarry, opened its doors again last weekend exclusively to WOR Events and the Putoline Tough Ones Little brother extreme, An event that has become iconic in its own right over the past decade. Two Brothers made the event their own, as the Humphreys, Gethin and Owain put on a superb show for the spectators as they went bar to bar, neck and neck, Bumper to Bumper for an epic battle of wits and skill that was only settled by 2 seconds at the chequered flag. This was quite possibly the best display of racing that this famous quarry has seen as it was so close and intense as the siblings swapped places at the front with each other for the entire two-hour duration.

Top man in the race was Over 50’s rider, Mark Houson, leading the race from the start to finish, the 56-year-old northerner was in superb form as he showed great skills and experience to coast over the gnarly terrain and take a comfortable 7-minute advantage over another very capable and quick Over 50’s rider, Gary Parr. 3rd Over 50’s spoils went to Richard Lewis with a fine ride on 6 laps.

William Stansbie was in top form too in the Youth class as he won his 3rd TOLB on the run but this time he placed 2nd overall in the entire race behind Houson, A brilliant ride indeed. Runner Up Youth was Toby Flack with Jake Roper in 3rd, both riders doing fantastically with their little wheels around the nooks and crannies of the demanding track.

Nils Ogden was revelling in the conditions and terrain and took a well-deserved win of just under a minute from Will Addy in the always competitive sportsman Class. 3rd spot went to Charlie Goddard with all riders sitting on 6 laps each.

The Sportsman Vets group was topped by John Kerwin from Jason Clarke and Andrew Mills in 2nd and 3rd spot respectively with all 3 finishing on 6 laps covered.

The Novice Group was tied up by winner Aden Overend with Wayne Brennan and Jobe Urqhart taking the silver and bronze podium places with 5 laps for the top two and 4 for Jobe.

To sum up is easy, It was a fantastic, nostalgic, emotional return to the famous quarry for not only Steve Ireland and his WOR team but also lots of riders and spectators as the general feeling and consensus with many a word spoke was “wow, it’s great to be back in here”

WOR as always, would like to thank the staff, medics, caterers, Land owners and spectators for supporting this event with an even bigger thank you going out to PUTOLINE for supporting the event and the biggest thanks of all, once again going to the hundreds riders for supporting the events and making special races like these happen all year round.

Roll on the TOUGH ONE main event in January 2018 where the world’s best Will take on Britain’s best Extreme Enduro event …