FULL RACE REPORT – Wade Young Win Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016

Ciocco, February 6, 2016.

At 16:00 Fabio Fasola lowers the flag of Hell’s Gate Metzeler. The first row on the grid is sumptuous, something you can only see at the Opera of the Enduro: Wade Young, a … young South African, 21 years only, who came from the other hemisphere to challenge the Gotha of the Extreme.

Mario Roman, the strong Spanish Enduro Rider, second last year at Hell’s Gate Metzeler, which has only recently discovered the passion for the super enduro. Lars Enockl, the Austrian KTM tester and third last year, who knows the traces of perversion of Il Ciocco. And Diego Nicoletti, which is the Italian challenger versus the foreign hegemony that dominated the previous twelve episodes of the Extreme Enduro invented by Fasola.

The start in GP format is as always spectacular, and not without surprises. While Young manages to take the maximum advantage from the starting position, and flies outside the “mute” of the thirty finalists, Graham Jarvis, who started from the second row with the fifth fastest time of the Preliminary Race, remains stuck, the engine of his bike switched off. Finally the Englishman gets underway, but the race of the record holder of Hell’s Gate Metzeler, four wins, seems sentenced.

Hall’s Gate Metzeler 2016 starts on the outer ring of the compact circuit of Il Ciocco, but the crowd’s attention is polarized by the Arena Hell’s Gate Metzeler, especially from the hellish path drawn by Fasola and a famous “Executioner” of the Indoor, Armando Dazi. He is a “criminal”, and the thirty finalists of Hell’s Gate Metzeler not take long to notice it.

After less than ten minutes a Rider passes the obstacle Airoh, then on the “panettone” Metzeler and the Evo+ stony section. “Who is that idiot who entered the arena?” Soon, viewers realize that this is not a “clandestine”, but simply Wade Young, who has already completed the first round of Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016. The pace on the “outer ring”, then, is very high, really hellish. But the Arena is “bestial”, merciless, exhausting. The test is very hard, and one wonders if Fasola not exaggerated. The Extreme Enduro, however, is not a game of compromises, but the search for a limit that today moves forward. At il Ciocco Hell’s Gate Metzeler reveals the new face of the Extreme Enduro, a deadly mix of “natural” and indoor, with a coefficient of performance and commitment to Enduro up to now unknown.

Wade Young fles, the obstacles of Hell’s Gate Metzeler do not seem to “annoy” him too much. Behind the South African, Mario Roman tries to catch up forcing the pace, but the action of the Spanish does not produce the desired goals. In a very effective style, instead, Graham Jarvis overtakes Roman during the third lap, and launches the hunt for Young. At the end of the first hour of the race the last ten Riders are eliminated, this is a new rule of Hell’s Gate Metzeler, and at the expiration of the second hour, ten more are “out”. Not everyone is disappointed, for no one this is a defeat. That’s the honor of the commitment to Hell’s Gate Metzeler, and to its new formula that reveals genius and an “exaggerated” spectacularity. Other obstacles are opened, the Arena becomes the video game, but real, of the Extreme at the Next Level. Another original idea of Fasola. Still brilliant. The idea or Fasola?

Still half an hour of … purgatory, and then, at 18:30, two and half hours from the start of the descent into hell, only four Riders face the “final round”. Everything happen inside the Arena. Fasola himself opens the final hurdle, the climb that inherits the role that for twelve years has been to Hell’s Peak. The crowd seems more and more excited. The tension mounts. It is the atmosphere of plot twist!

But nothing happens sensational. Even the Hell is sometimes right, or at least the Hell of Fasola is. Wade Young passes the “Gate”, unbeatable also in the final carousel, Graham Jarvis takes the second place, Mario Roman bows to the opponents but confirms his skills with an excellent result. Diego Nicoletti, the Italian “avenger”, unleashed the enthusiasm of the crowd, of the ten thousand that have marked all of the spectacular stage. A captivating, memorable first trip to Enduro center of the new era. That’s Hell’s Gate Metzeler.

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016 Final Result. 1. Wade young, ZA, Sherco; 2. Graham Jarvis, GB, Husqvarna; 3. Mario Roman, SP, Husqvarna; 4. Diego Niucoletti, ITA, Beta.

Thanks Piero Batini Press Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016 Image Credits © ApPhotosport