Around Dahlen presented this season’s opening event of the International German Enduro Championship. The word International was since long again not only in the title of the series yet, but the starting field actually presented itself International as usual. For Marcus Kehr Sherco Academy 2 fast Frenchman went to the start.Anthony Boissiere and Fabien Planet had come from France and were among the favorites. A German time starter as in recent years the Swiss Jonathan Rosse.

The first difficulty was, as always, Dahle Transit

The first difficulty was, as always, Dahle Transit

but you had to initially adjust to the usual in Germany events. The tests were staked typical of THE RUN, by eliminating the Enduro Test in Meltewitz another cross test on the new in many parts of stage has been integrated.Shortly after Dahle passage which led relatively little water, it was in this field test. From there was further driven by some woods in the direction of Castle Hill. There was the usual special with motocross track and 2 woodland.With four rounds and 8 hours driving time the DEM pilots had but to complete a relatively long travel time. For all other after 6 hours and 3 rounds of the prelude was ended.


Davide von Zitzewitz had never brought a championship victory in the German Cup, this should be 2016 for him but are at the top of his list. The BVZ pilot had collapsed right in the first run but not thought. Right in the first Test, he took the lead. but this advantage he was not until the checkered flag. Although Dennis Schröter came closer during the day, but with a lead of 3.7 seconds, put the E2 pilot against the E3 driver through. The two Frenchmen were only familiar during the day with the German soil. Towards the end of the SP were times faster so that they could still go to the places 5 and 6 forward to. This allowed them to defeat their German colleagues Sherco Edward Hübner also, he crashed in the last test, thus losing quite a bit of time.

Anthony Boissiere


The class E1 had last year struggling a bit with participants fading. As a prelude to the number of participants with 12 drivers now looked a little better. Besides Boissiere there was a fresh breeze in the smallest displacement class with many class changes. All eyes were on course Andreas Beier, he celebrated with several championship titles in this category its best successes, what he wants to reconnect 2016. Right at the beginning he laid even going as firefighters. The first 4 tests he could confidently decide for themselves, only in the second period came Boissiere closer. However, Andi was by 25 seconds enforce sovereign against the French host, the World Cup in tenth last year. 3rd place on the podium went to the fit-again Derrick Görner before Jonathan Rosse. Maria Franke celebrated with space 7 a very good start in the men. The first test she could even finish on rank. 4


Andreas Beier


natural breeding champions Davide von Zitzewitz was able to prevail in the E2. The reigning champion in this class was especially on test 1 in Schöna the fastest, there he took all 4 bests. Marco Neubert managed Tier 2 before the two Sherco pilots Fabien Planet and Edward Huebner.


With 23 drivers the class was E3 best reception. It is amazing that the move up to Jens Pester a large 4-stroke Honda, otherwise go only 2-strokes in this class at the start. With a potential advantage of more than 2 minutes, the reigning champion Dennis Schröter sat through. Behind this Jan Schäfer placed at No. 2, before sand specialist Björn Feldt. The runner-up from the previous year by E1 Daniel Hänel went up in this displacement class and was ranked 10th

Dennis Schröter

Dennis Schröter


A small dominance there was also Jan Allers in the juniors to 23 years. 48 seconds was his lead over Luke Streichsbier, he is the reigning champion of the junior class competes in the B-license. Thus, a rise of successful for him on the 300 BSN Husqvarna. Felix Martin from Rochlitz had its home match which ended in Dahlen for him in rank. 3

January Allers


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Race Report by: Denis Guenther