Fast Eddys Round 2 of ACU British Extreme Enduro Championship 7th Feb -2016

With less than a month to go to the second round of the ACU British Extreme Enduro Championship entries are now open and riders are invited to book their places as soon as possible.

On Sunday February 7th Eddy’s Xtreme series moves to Cowm Quarry near Whitworth Lancs, postcode OL12 8XG, for a very different experience to the heavily wooded Tong course that hosted the first round. There is not a single tree at the venue, or even in sight from the hilltops, but there is plenty of rock.

Cowm Quarry offers a huge lap but equally huge challenges and technical sections scattered everywhere. Unlike Tong, there are a few places to rest and recharge batteries before the next massive up or downhill section and those rest sections will be needed.

The great advantage of Cowm Quarry is that most of the course is visible from the start and paddock area. The wide-open vista makes it possible to follow riders for almost 90% of the course, which is why so many spectators make their way to this bleak and rocky outcrop overlooking Rochdale. Close-up access to the sections is fairly easy if you are prepared to walk, there are dozens of tracks criss-crossing the whole venue.

Entries are available by calling 01543 370070 or 07870 291143 or by downloading the entry form

Report by Sidukxc